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General Banking Officer Salary In Pakistan 2024 Benefits, Allowances

General Banking Officer Salary in Pakistan earn an average salary of PKR 36,500 per month, with a total pay of PKR 73,500 per month. Using our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and data collected directly from our users, these figures represent the median, the midpoint of the range.

Monthly additional pay is estimated at PKR 37,000. Profit sharing, cash bonuses, and commissions can all be considered additional compensation. This position’s Most Likely Range comprises pay values between the 25th and 75th percentiles.

general banking officerPKR 45,000
operation managerPKR 50,000
manager operationsPKR 61,000
hr managerPKR 61,000

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General Banking Officer Salary In Pakistan Allowances And Benefits

Now, let’s look at the information and details about the salaries of general banking officers in Pakistan, as well as allowances and benefits. The salaries of General Banking Officers have yet to be made public on official terms. However, readers can understand what allowances and benefits these General Banking Officers receive by reading this article.

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General Banking Officer Salary In MCB

To introduce and inform potential customers about integrated products and services, these officers must identify and hint at them. Customers ask them questions and enquire about their products and services. A bank branch manager must effectively manage and maintain the product ad service environment. In Pakistan, general banking officers earn the following salary.

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General Banking Officer Allowances in Pakistan come in many forms, including annual leave, paid leave, and medical allowance. Your benefits are based on your grade, scale, and job rank, all of which are based on your grade. You can find more details about General Banking Officer Benefits in Pakistan on this page.

General Banking Officer OG-3

These officers should ensure that high implementation standards are being carried out in their respective divisions all the time. A variety of incentives and basic salary schemes are being offered to them. Health insurance and medical coverage are provided to them. Banking employees are always entitled to attractive benefits like annual leave paid by the company.

General Banking Officer Salary In NBP

In this banking sector, officers are always provided with career advancement opportunities and chances. We will share the exact salaries of General Banking Officers in Pakistan.

We will share the latest salary and income figures for General Banking Officers when they are published and announced by the banking sector.



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