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Patwari Job Salary And Pay Scale In Pakistan 2024

Punjab Revenue Department announces Patwari Job Salary and Pay Scale in Pakistan 2024. The PRD selects Patwaris after a selection process. The government provides this job for the 3 years of a contract that could be extended based on the employee’s performance.

Patwari Job Salary And Pay Scale

The Punjab government offers good pay scales and packages. For example, the salary for Canal Patwari is approximately Rs 38,500/– to Rs 43,500/– per month.

The average monthly salary for a Canal patwari (BS-09) in Pakistan is 38,500 to 43,500 PKR. Housing, travel, and other allowances are included in the average salary.

Pay Scale Of Patwari In Punjab Pakistan

BS-09 Patwari (Field Staff) minimum salary is 18,650; maximum salary is 57,950. In addition, they get an annual increment of Rs. 1,310 each year. A Punjab Canal Patwari Salary ranges from PKR 18,650 to PKR 57,950. His Pay Scale determines a Punjab Patwari employee’s pay range.

Candidates are selected for Punjab Patwari based on their performance in a written test held by the department. Patwari’s salary in the Punjab government sector can be found here, which will help candidates interested in becoming patwaris.

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Patwari Job Salary And Pay Scale 2024

The salary package for a newly hired Punjab Patwari will be approximately PKR 6, 00,000. Other allowances included in this package include housing rent, traveling allowance, children’s education, pick-up & drop allowance, internet, and daycare allowances. Aside from these allowances, there are many other deductions, such as provident funds and HRAs.

In-Hand Salary of The Punjab Patwari

The Punjab Patwari’s in-hand salary includes basic pay, grade pay, other allowances, PF, and other additions and reductions. Salaries can be added or reduced for most Government jobs. Patwari posts earn between PKR 38,500 and 43,500 in a month on average.

Patwari Salary And Pay Scale Description

Candidates applying for the Patwari position should meet the job description. To assist interested candidates in applying, we provide a detailed description of the Patwari post. As described in the Patwari job description:

  • Patwari is an important position in land issues in society
  • Records of land ownership are maintained and updated by Patwaris
  • Surveys are conducted regularly in villages
  • Collection of land taxes by patwaris
  • Patwaris supervise land transactions

Punjab Patwari Additional Benefits with Basic Pay:

Besides the basic salary, the Revenue Department provides other benefits. Aside from daily allowances, cash handling, deputation, free medical, traveling leave, mobile allowances, TA on retirement, and TA on transfer, there are additional benefits.

Punjab Patwari Promotion Process

Additionally, the Punjab Government provides career development opportunities for Patwaris. The Punjab Patwari can easily obtain promotion opportunities by performing well in his current post.

Also, employees can apply for promotional posts through recruitment tests. Deputy Director Naib Tehsildar and Tehsildar are the higher posts after Punjab Patwari.



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