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Intelligence Operator Punjab Police Salary In Pakistan

Intelligence Operator Punjab Police salary ranges from 35,000 to 45,000. We will elaborate on every minor detail about the intelligence operator of the special Punjab police branch in this post. People live without fear in Punjab because of the excellent service the police department provides for the public’s safety.

Intelligence Operator Punjab Police Salary In 2024

The intelligence operative is responsible for cutting and scrutinizing information that assists decision-making. Intelligence operators’ roles and settings must be varied to accomplish these objectives. Senior commanders, politicians, patrol police, and other government officials use the operator reports to inform them of the severity of the situation and protect them from cyber-attacks to evade harmful incidents.

ScaleGross Salary (approximately)
Salary of BPS-0735000 to 45000

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A modern operation’s success is entirely dependent on accurate and precise intelligence. Analysts are responsible for ensuring the best possible results are achieved across all areas of the described area. A decision-making process is influenced by it and plays a key role in achieving ambiguity-free results.

Intelligence Operator Responsibilities

  • A Punjab police intelligence operator needs expertise in the described area.
  • Utilizing specialization opportunities in the field of interest.
  • Highly secure working conditions would be provided.
  • Contacts made in secret.
  • Information is recorded, collaborated, and then processed.
  • Understanding all the links that connect.
  • Correctly analyzing the collected information.
  • Acquire valuable qualifications.
  • Small teams are best.
  • We will keep the details confidential and pass them to the appropriate authorities.

Intelligence Operator Salary In Pakistan


The Punjab Police department has posted job openings for those with extraordinary abilities and a passion for serving their country. Therefore, 225 posts were offered to qualified candidates. A police department is seeking candidates for the BS 07 intelligence operator position located anywhere in Punjab.

At least a second-division intermediate degree is required for the candidates. In the Punjab police special branch, these posts are open to men, women, and minorities.

Salary Packages

Punjab police offer a salary of 35000 to 45000 depending on the applicant’s qualifications and numerous benefits. It is a temporary and contractual position with a three-year tenure. Interested and qualified candidates may apply to join the Punjab Police Special Branch as intelligence operators.



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