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Salary Of Software Engineer In Pakistan 2024 | Grade & Pay Scale

Average salary of software engineer in Pakistan is PKR 120,000, but can reach PKR 150,000 a month. The Total Pay Estimate model gets these numbers from the wages our users submit.

In the range of PKR 30,000 per month, the additional pay is estimated. If you want to apply in MBBS Doctor job, then you can check here MBBS docotor salary with wages.

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Software Engineering Salary Per Month In Pakistan

Software engineers help plan, design, and manage software solutions on an enterprise scale. If you’re a problem-solver and enjoy creating blueprints, this role may be for you.

In this article, learn how various factors, like your education level, skills, and geographic location, can impact your salary as a software engineer.

Average Salary Of Software Engineer In Pakistan 2024

You will plan, design, and oversee large-scale enterprise computer systems and software depending on your company’s needs. Prototyping products and analyzing feasibility are everyday tasks.

Implement the software systems and test for bugs and user experience. Team members with whom you may work include:

  • Software developers
  • Analysts
  • Designers
  • Data scientists
  • Project managers

Pakistani Software Engineer Salary Factors

Your salary will vary based on your education, experience, location, and industry.

  1. Education and certifications
  2. Experience

1- Education & Certifications

Usually, employers seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like computer science, electrical engineering, or computer engineering. Software engineers hold 73 per cent bachelor’s degrees, 20 per cent master’s, and 4 per cent associate degrees 6.

Software engineers can acquire appropriate qualifications without a degree, but that represents just 3 per cent of them. SWE have studied the following majors:

Computer science38 percent
Computer engineering14 per cent 
Electrical engineering14 percent
Information technology6 percent

2- Experience

A software engineer with over 15 years of experience averages $120,779 to $132,603 [1, 4], according to Glassdoor and Payscale. Based on the experience level, the following is an example of the range of salaries for the position: The salary of a general banking officer in Pakistan can be found here.

Starting Salary of Software Engineer in Pakistan 2024

With technology becoming more prevalent, software engineers can find work in many fields. Listed below are the average base salaries in several industries, according to Glassdoor:

Financial services$129,889
Real estate$111,408
Information technology$117,145
Health care$112,690

Is There A Salary For A Software Engineer In Pakistan?

Job Title Salary
Software Engineer salariesPKR 140,000
Software Engineer salariesPKR 77,500
Software Engineer salariesPKR 86,250/

What is Expected of a Junior Software Engineer?

Job Title Salary
Junior Software EngineerPKR 110,000
Software EngineerPKR 150,000
Senior Software EngineerPKR 630,000

Are Software Engineers Hard To Find?

Software engineering is challenging to those with no coding or programming skills. To overcome challenges, software engineers can access online resources and courses.

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