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Revised Pay Scale 2024 BPS Federal Government Of Pakistan

Here, we will discuss the revised pay scale for the Federal Government of Pakistan for 24. Here on this page, you can find and receive exact and accurate information about all the grade scales for federal employees. As a result of this revision, the minimum salary for BPS 05 employees will be Rs. 10260, and the maximum income amount will be Rs. 25260.

Pay Scale Revision Federal Government Of Pakistan

Sr.NoBasic Pay ScaleIncrease in Adhoc Relief Allowance
1.BPS-01 to BPS-1635% increase
2.BPS-17 to BPS-2230% increase

The federal government will give these BS-05 officers an increment of Rs 650. The minimum salary range for an officer working on BPS 07 is Rs. 10990, and the maximum is Rs. 29290.

Revised Pay Scale 2024 In Pakistan

BPSMin IncMax IncAve Inc

Revised Pay Scale 2024

The Federal Government of Pakistan revised the pay scale BPS, and we will provide more statistics to our readers. The fixed basic salary is Rs. 18910 – Rs. 64510 for the BPS-16 Pay Scale.

This government has also officially announced that BS-07 scale officers will receive an increment of Rs 610. According to the government of Pakistan, officers on the BPS 09 scale will earn a minimum income of Rs. 11770 and a maximum income of Rs. 33670.

Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance Chart as per Budget Speech 2023-24

When you are appointed on the grade scale of BPS 14 and wish to know the amount of revision made in your basic pay, note that your average salary amount has been revised from Rs. 15180 – to Rs. 50280. Below are more updates about the revised salary scale of the Federal Government of Pakistan for 2024.

This grade scale category’s current and most recent revision can be found here. Federal employees on the BPS-17 Pay Scale will have an official basic salary range of Rs. 30370 – Rs. 76370. They have finalized the increment range and amount at Rs 2300.

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Revised Pay Scale Chart

These BPS 20 Pay Scale officers earn an average of Rs. 69090 – Rs. 132230 as their basic pay. According to the Revised Pay Scale 2024 BPS Of the Federal Government Of Pakistan, the increment amount for grade scale officers is now Rs 4510.

The minimum and maximum income amounts for the BPS 21 Pay Scale category have been revised to Rs. 76720 – Rs. 146720. Readers interested in learning more about the revised pay scale 2024 are encouraged to keep in touch with us. We will update you if other revisions are made to the Federal government’s pay scales.

Pay and Allowances Chart Federal, Punjab, GB, AJ&K, and Baluchistan

Please find below the gross salary table for newly appointed employees in Federal, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan, GB, and AJ&K 2024.

Revised Pay Scales 2024 Chart Stages Number

Sr. NoBPSNumber of Stages
1BPS-01 to BPS-16 30 Stages
2BPS-17 to BPS-19 20 Stages
3BPS-20 to BPS-2214 Stages

Main Pay / Allowances Admissible to Employees in 2024

Base Salary

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) of 45% and 30%
  • Medical Benefits
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Adhoc Relief Payment 2024
  • A reduction in disparity or a special allowance equal to 25% of basic pay in 2024
  • 15% of the base salary for Disparity Reductions and Special Allowances in 2024

Specific Allowances

Employees may receive additional benefits based on their department and employment type. The following concessions are among them:

  • (For instructors only) Teaching Allowance
  • M.Phil. holders only. PhDs and Phil./Ph.D.s are eligible for the Phil./Ph.D: allowance/Qualification Allowance.
  • Audit and Accounts Allowance (Only for Personnel Working in Related Departments to Audit and Accounts)
  • Allowance for Integrated Work (For Class IV Employees)
  • Allowance for washing and dusting, etc. (For Class IV Employees)
  • For hard areas, a hard area allowance
  • Allowance for uniformity (For some departments)
  • Allowance for Health Risk (For Specific Departments)
  • Executive Compensation
  • Judiciary Compensation
  • Allowance for Special Compensation
  • Secretariat reimbursement
  • Charge Permit
  • Computer Permit
  • Various Other Compensation


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