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Driving License Learning Online Apply – Through DLIMS Punjab

Good news for those seeking a Driving License Learning online in Punjab! An announcement by the Punjab Government now allows you to obtain a learner’s permit online. It comes right after they cracked down on people who drive without licenses.

In many cases, people had to wait for hours or even days to get their learner’s permit at license centers. But here’s the great news: you can now apply for a learner’s license online via the website or mobile app from the comfort of your home.

Would you like to know how to apply online for a learner’s permit in Lahore or other parts of Punjab? There’s no need to worry. You will learn how to apply for a learner’s license online as we guide you through the steps.

Driving License Learning Online Apply – Required Documents

  • The applicant’s picture
  • A scanned copy or picture of the original CNIC (front and back)
  • An official medical certificate signed by a doctor is required if you are older than 50 years old.

How To Apply For Driving License Learner Online | DLIMS Punjab

To get a Punjab learning license online, follow these steps:

Driving License Learning Online Apply | Steps

DLIMS Punjab online e-learner driving license application steps:

Setup Driving License Learner Online
  • Create an account on the DLIMS platform and add your name, CNIC, and other information.
  • Enter your main account page after registering. On the top right, click “+ New Learner”.
  • Fill out the license application, adding personal information.
  • Your address information will need to be added.
  • A license category must be selected first.
  • Ensure that you upload the required documents, including your photo, the front and back images of your CNIC, as well as a copy of your medical certificate if you are over 50.
  • Once you have a payment slip ID, you can pay at an ATM, through online banking, or mobile banking.
Setup Learner Driving License Online

Learning Driving Licence Punjab Online – Fee Schedule

Learner’s licenses in Punjab are changing. It currently costs Rs.60, but from January 1st, 2024, it will cost Rs.1,000. After receiving the token from the driving license center, the Punjab Chief Minister waived fines for three days.

Overall, these changes are welcome news for Punjab’s license centers. The online licensing facility aims to reduce the number of people who wait for permits and licenses day after day, as there are a lot of people applying for permits and licenses every day. Learner’s permits and licenses no longer require long waiting periods or hours.

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