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Municipal Officer Salary (BS-17) Job Description In Pakistan | Pay Scale, Duties And Powers

Municipal officer salary and basic pay scale for municipal officers in Pakistan is based on a grade pay allowance system.

For example, there are Municipal Officers BS-17 posts in the Government department, in which they get their basic minimum pay of Rs 30,370 and their maximum basic pay of Rs 76,360 with increments of Rs 2300 to achieve their maximum basic pay.

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Municipal Officer Salary In Pakistan (65,000 To 80,000)

Municipal officers generally earn between 65,000 and 70000 per month. The Municipal Officer in charge of a Tehsil has many employees under his control because he is an important local government official. He also manages a huge development budget.

A corrupt municipality can easily bring in a million dollars annually for an enterprising officer. Governed by the Punjab Tehsil / Town Municipal administration regulations 2002.

Duties And Functions of Municipal Officer

The Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer shall also perform the duties and functions assigned to him under the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001, (XIII of 2001) and these rules:

  1. As the Principal Accounting Officer of the Tehsil/Town Municipal Administration, they shall serve as the point of contact for the administration;
  2. In addition, coordinate all activities of the Tehsil/Town Offices and execute sanctioned policy about the Tehsil/Town Municipal Administration;
  3. A Tehsil/Town Officer has the authority to ask for any information or case;
  4. When the Tehsil/Town Nazim’s orders deviate from rules, regulations, or Government policy, 2 refer the matter to the Government;
  5. Before communicating matters and decisions to the Government, the Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer must obtain the approval of the Tehsil/Town Nazim.
  6. The Municipal Officer shall be required to suggest a definite line of action while presenting a case for the Tehsil/Town Nazim or Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer’s orders.


How is a Town Officer Qualified?

Degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Arts from a HEC recognized institute.

What is the Highest Officer Of a Municipality?

Generally, the Mayor is the head of a municipal corporation, but their role is primarily ceremonial since the Municipal Commissioner has executive power.

Are there Any Local Government Jobs?

Here are some ways to get in:

  • College course
  • Course
  • Work experience
  • Aiming for this role
  • Apply directly
  • Graduation training


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