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1st Year Math Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board

1st year math pairing scheme 2023, pairing schemes offered by Punjab Boards are the same as those provided by other Punjab Board. We have boards in Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, D.G. Khan, Rawalpindi, and Sahiwal.

Congratulations to all students preparing for 11th class exams. It also provides an overview of the pairing scheme. We offer students the most up-to-date pairing scheme here. Pairing method should be reviewed carefully by students. Students can find an exact way for the 11th class Math paper in this board of education proposal.

Table of Contents

1st Year Math Pairing Scheme 2023

Mathematics is considered difficult by most students because it requires practice.
Before exams, students receive the pairing scheme for the 1st year to familiarize themselves with the type of questions. Students could focus on the essential issues in the syllabus thanks to the 2022 math pairing scheme.

Students can achieve high scores in math with 2023 1st year pairing scheme. Maths paper schemes are available at for 11th-class candidates. This platform has a pairing method for the first-year mathematics Punjab board.

MCQs Of Scheme of 1st Year 2023

You don’t need to be worried if you search for this, but you get the old pairing scheme. We have updated the Class 11 Math pairing scheme on our website for All Punjab Boards, and you can find other pairing schemes such as Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Biology, etc. on our website.

Math pairing schemes for all Punjab boards have been updated.Math pairing schemes for all Punjab boards have been updated. With these updated pairing schemes, you’ll be ready for your board exams.

Q.No.1 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) (20 Marks)

Chapter No MCQs
01 01
02 01
03 02
04 02
05 01
06 02
07 02
08 02
09 01
10 01
11 01
12 02
14 01

Shorts Question of Math Scheme 1st Year 2023

Q.No.2 Attempt any 8 Parts (08 x 02 = 16) Marks

Chapter No01020304
Short Questions03030303

Q.No.3 Attempt any 8 Parts (08 x 02 = 16) Marks

Chapter No05060708
Short Questions02050303

Q.No.4 Attempt any 9 Parts (09 x 02 = 18) Marks

Chapter No091011121314
Short Questions030301030102

Long Question of Math Paper Scheme 2020

Note: Attempt any Three Questions (03 x 10 = 30) Marks


Part(a) from chapter#3 and Part (b) from chapter#4


Part(a) from chapter#5 and Part (b) from chapter#6


Part(a) from chapter#07 and Part (b) from chapter#08


Part(a) from chapter#09and Part (b) from chapter#10


Part(a) from chapter#12 and Part (b) from chapter#13



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