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Sui Southern Gas Duplicate Bill January 2024 Online Check & Download

Check online Sui Southern gas duplicate bill at sui gas This is for either Sui Northern or Sui Southern gas connections. To retrieve your latest bill, enter your Account ID below.

You can download and print SNGPL/SSGC bills for payment. Your latest bill is below, so enter your account ID.

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Sui Southern Gas Duplicate Bill 2024 Check Online

Consumers can access all their latest Sui Southern gas duplicate bill online. Sui gas bills are almost always needed. Are you away from your house, and need to know how much your bill was? Lost your bill, need a duplicate, or need to pay it?

Getting a duplicate copy of the Sui Gas bill is as simple as having an active internet connection, a mobile phone, or a computer. To get your duplicate bill, follow these simple instructions.

How To Check SSGC Duplicate Bill Online?

  • Check out first.
  • You can find the forms here. We must enter your Consumer or Customer Number in the related company form.
  • Your desired bill and due date will appear on the next screen. Your desired bill and due date will appear on the next screen.
  • The total bill can now be printed or downloaded by clicking ‘View Complete Bill.’
  • View the bill with the ‘Print’ and ‘Download’ buttons.

Check Bill

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Sui Gas (SNGPL Bill & SSGC Bill) Check & Print Duplicate Bill

  1. An M3 gas meter displays black numbers showing how much gas has been used. Calculate the units used over the last few months by subtracting the previous reading. For example, 05532-05419 = 113 cubic meters based on the current reading minus the previous reading.
  2. Calculate cubic kilometers (Hm3) by dividing cubic meters by 100. For example, 11.3 cubic meters is 113/100.
  3. Gas bills indicate GCV. Then divide this GCV by 281.7358 and multiply by the number of units in Hm3. The current MMBtu is 3.7420 (1.13 x 933) / 281.7358.
  4. The last step is the gas bill. By multiplying MMBTU by tray speed, you get the consumed gas.

You can pay domestic consumers’ bills through various panels. The final invoice also includes meter rental, VAT, etc. Two different companies supply Pakistan’s southern and northern gas pipelines.

About SNGPL & SSGC Sui Gas Bill Online Check

As a private limited company, the company became a public limited company in 1963. In North Central Pakistan, Sui Southern Gas Duplicate Bill offers an extensive network of gas facilities to millions of people through Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir.

SSGC is a large company listed on the stock market. Pakistan’s leading integrated gas Company. Baluchistan and Sindh have over 1200 towns covered by the SSGC transmission system.



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