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Prize Bond Calendar 2024 | Date Draw And Results

The National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond calendar 2024 has been released. Prize Bond draws are conducted by the company every quarter. As per the Schedule of Prize Bonds Draw will be held in different cities of Pakistan.

Download Prize Bond Schedule 2024

In addition to Prize Bonds, you have the option to purchase Premium Bonds, which can offer prizes in the range of 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000, and 40000. The schedule for awarding prize bonds 2024, excluding January, is below.

Prize Bonds Draw Upcoming Complete Schedule

#4510015 Feb, 24ThuPESHAWARUpcoming
#97150015 Feb, 24ThuLAHOREUpcoming
#132500011 Mar, 24MonKARACHIUpcoming
#284000011 Mar, 24MonFAISALABADUpcoming
#9720015 Mar, 24MonMUZAFFARABADUpcoming
#9875015 Apr, 24MonHYDERABADUpcoming
#4610015 May, 24WedLAHOREUpcoming
#98150015 May, 24WedKARACHIUpcoming
#142500010 Jun, 24MonPESHAWARUpcoming
#294000010 Jun, 24MonMULTANUpcoming
#9820017 Jun, 24MonRAWALPINDIUpcoming
#9975015 Jul, 24MonQUETTAUpcoming
#4710015 Aug, 24ThuKARACHIUpcoming
#99150015 Aug, 24ThuMULTANUpcoming
#152500010 Sep, 24TueHYDERABADUpcoming
#304000010 Sep, 24TueLAHOREUpcoming
#9920016 Sep, 24MonPESHAWARUpcoming
#10075015 Oct, 24TueFAISALABADUpcoming
#4810015 Nov, 24FriMULTANUpcoming
#100150015 Nov, 24FriRAWALPINDIUpcoming
#162500010 Dec, 24TueQUETTAUpcoming
#314000010 Dec, 24TueMUZAFFARABADUpcoming
#10020016 Dec, 24MonSIALKOTUpcoming

View The Latest Prize Bond Calendar 2024

Prize Bonds Company Limited issues lottery bonds on behalf of the Minister for Finance. Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance also offers Prize Bonds. As of 1960, there have been several types of prize bonds available, one of which is the Schedule 2024. Since 1960, it has been a gold investment and a bearer security.

Check Here For The Number Of Lucky Draws

Almost every city in Pakistan will hold a lucky draw twice a month under the Prize Bond Schedule 2024. Initially, 24 draws were held annually, but now 36 are held. A growing number of investors has led to an increase in the number of draws from 24 to 36.

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Today Draw #96

What Is The Prize Bond Schedule Of 2024?

Every city in Pakistan participates in a prize bond drawing managed by the National Savings. A total of 36 drawings are held each year. For the bond that you purchased, use this link to access the prize bond schedule.

How Do I Find Out the Date Of the Prize Bond Draws?

The bond is drawn quarterly depending on its amount; for instance, a Rs. 25000 bond is drawn four times yearly.

The Prize Bond Result: How Can I Check It?

The Prize Bond Draw Result is available on Theinfo. pk. A complete list of winners is published along with their serial numbers.



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