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Today Prize Bonds List Rs. 1500 National Saving Check Online | 15 May 2024

The date and venue of the today prize bonds list rs. 1500 announced for the year 2024 can be found on the website

On Monday, May 15, 2024, the 94th draw for the prize bond of Rs 1500 will be announced as part of the prize bond lottery.

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Draw Rs. 1500 Prize Bond List 2024

The state banks do balloting for 1500 rupees. The state banks award the 1st prize of 1500 rupees. Furthermore, one lucky winner will be given a prize bond worth 3,000,000 PKR in addition to the prize money. 

Three lucky winners receive the second prize of Rs. 1,000,000 from the 1500 prize bond. One thousand six hundred ninety-six winners receive Rs. 18,500/- each as the final and third prizes of the 1500 prize bond.

Prize Bond 1500 list 2022 Peshawar City

PESAWAR: The 15th Prize Bond List 2024 draw no. 94, worth Rs 1500, will be held today, Monday, May 15, 2024, in Peshawar (May 15, 2024).

Today Prize Bonds List Rs. 1500 Check Online Last 6 Years

Prize Bond Draw and Prize Bond Results of Rs. 1500. National Savings Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Schedule and latest news. Please click on the date below to see the results of the Rs. 1500 Draw that was held on that date. Here is a list of the upcoming draws that you can look forward to.

Qurandazis are organized four times a year by the National Savings of Pakistan to raise funds for its programs.

1500 Prize Bond Draw List 2024 First, Second, Third Prize Detail

Bond WorthCityDateFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
Rs 1500Peshawar15-08-20223,000,000 PKR1,000,000 PKR18,500 PKR

First Prize No :

2nd Prize No:

169997 – 028377 – 537859

  • Enter your prize bond number below to check the draw results for Rs 1500 prize bonds.
  • Enter 6 digits of bond to get results
  • If you’ve won anything, find your prize bond number on Draw # 94.
Today Prize Bonds List Rs. 1500 peshawar board


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