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Today Egg Price In Pakistan 21 May 2024 | Check Rate List

Agricultural egg price in Pakistan are sold at Rs 262 per dozen, while local eggs are at Rs 600. Farm eggs cost more than 27 rupees per egg, while indigenous eggs cost more than 50 rupees. Check list of today egg price in Pakistan 2024.

Egg Price In pakistan Today Check Online List

Control inflation, and prices will be transparent through open auctions. Iftikhar Shalawani, the Commissioner for Karachi, has issued a notification to this effect.

Poultry Rate in Islamabad TodayPrice
Desi Egg Rate in Islamabad Today262 Per 12 eggs
Egg Rate in Islamabad Today375 Rs Per 12 eggs

Top City Egg Price

Egg Rate in Lahore262
Egg Rate in Islamabad254
Egg Rate in Peshawar262
Egg Rate in Quetta262
Egg Rate in Rawalpindi262
Egg Rate in Multan311
Egg rate in Hyderabad254
Egg rate in Sialkot262
Egg Rate in Faisalabad254

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In the past few months, eggs have been sold for as much as Rs 190 per dozen. Prices for a dozen eggs in Islamabad have risen from Rs 125 to Rs 190.

Pakistan Poultry Association says eggs and poultry prices will not rise further over the winter. A dozen eggs have increased from 120 to 190 rupees across the country.

Egg Rate In Punjab Market Today

Karachi also sells eggs at Rs 170 per dozen, with a weekly increase of Rs 16. Lahore’s egg prices have increased by Rs 23 per dozen in a fortnight.

Upon crossing the double century, domestic chicken eggs sold for Rs 262 in Peshawar. According to reports, the price of a dozen eggs in Multan had increased to 262 rupees.

Today Egg Rate In Pakistan 2024

0.11% of 20 essential commodities were priced higher in one week, according to the statistics agency. Egg price in Pakistan are not breaking, and they have increased by Rs 6.26 per dozen in one week. Egg prices increased by Rs. 626 per dozen, with eggs being the most expensive.

 مرغی کےانڈوں کی قیمت معلوم کریں

1 Dozen Egg Price



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