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New Honda CG 125 Price In Pakistan 2023 Pictures & Specs | Honda CG 125 Rs. 185,900

Atlas Honda released a new Honda CG 125 price in Pakistan decal and the latest Honda CG 125 2023. Prices of Honda CG 125 2023 in Pakistan start at Rs. 185,900. Talking about their:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Shape 
  • Locks 
  • Stickers

Honda CG 125 Price In Pakistan 2023 Black and Red

Last month, the company raised prices, so everything is the same. It’s easier to maintain the bike if the same design and parts are used, which is to the bike’s advantage. As a service vehicle, it will be used.

Honda CG 125 Price In Pakistan

Youth in Pakistan are crazy about Honda CG 125 Price In Pakistan 2023 Bike, especially the Honda CG 125.

Honda CG 125 Model And Specification

For the latest model launched by Honda on Monday (September 15, 2023), the price is Rs. 185,900. Motorcycles from Atlas Honda are good quality and reasonably priced in Pakistan.

About Atlas Honda CG 125 2022-23

A new decal is all that changes between the 2023 and 2024 Honda CG 125. Comparing prices and other features of bikes in Pakistan, Honda was the most popular option. 1992 marked Honda’s first production year. Maintenance is easy on the Honda CG 125, which has a reliable engine.

It has been upgraded several times since then, and changes have been made compared to Honda company’s startup day, making it the top choice for customers looking for an affordable yet reliable ride. There have been several changes to Honda’s CG 125, including

  • Carburetors
  • Tail lights
  • Headlights
  • Seats

Honda 125 (Red Color) Price In Pakistan 2022 Design, Mileage, Specs

CG125s have proven to be lifetime assets if they are maintained properly. Motorcycle parts are readily available anywhere; most mechanics can work on them. Since bikes are designed as vehicles, this is an argument in favor of them.

Honda CG 125 Red Model Price In Pakistan

Latest Model Pictures Of Honda CG 125 2023

With a brand new decal, Atlas Honda has unveiled the Honda CG 125 2023; otherwise, the bike is largely similar.

New & Latest Honda CG 125 2022-23 Specifications

Engine Air-cooled4-stroke OHV
Hole and stroke56.5 x 49.5mm
Last gearroller chain
Transmission4 speed constant reticle
BeginningFast start
Size (LxWxH)1912 x 735 x 1026 mm
Gasoline Capacity9.2 liters (reserve: 2 liters)
Wheelbase1204 mm
seat height764 mm
Ground clearance132 mm
Pendant Back Swing arm,68 mm travel
Dry weight100 kg
Tire front2.50 – 18 (4 sb)
Tire rear3.00 – 17 (6 PB)
Front suspensionTelescopic fork, 103 mm travel

Honda CG 125 Features and Functions

Petrol Capacity9.2 Liters (Reserve: 2 Liters)
Wheel Base1204 mm
Suspension BackSwing Arm 68 mm Travel
Dry Weight100kg
Tire at Back3.00 – 17 (6 PR)
Tire at Front2.50 – 18 (4 PR)
Suspension FrontTelescopic Fork 103 mm Travel

What’s New In 2022 Honda CG 125?

According to Atlas Honda, a brand new decal known as “NAWEE PATTI” is the only new addition to the 2023 Honda CG 125. So, in Pakistan 2023, do you think the Honda CG 125 price is reasonable? 



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