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PTCL Duplicate Bill Online Check By Phone Number 2024 | Print PTCL Dbill

Online billing at PTCL duplicate bills can be generated and downloaded for free on this website. Here you can also print your last bill. Enter your phone number and account ID below to get your latest PTCL duplicate bill online check. Please enter your phone number and account ID in the input fields below.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Online Check By Phone Number

Account IDs are found on old bills. PTCL bills usually have a 10-digit number at the top right. When entering the phone number here, you will be able to check the current bill amount without using the account ID. Below is your latest January 2024 bill, or January 2024 last month’s bill.

Print & Download Ptcl Duplicate Bill 2024 Online

In partnership with PTCL, Allied Bank offers e-Banking channels such as my ABL (Internet & Mobile Banking), ATMs, my ABL Wallet, and Allied Phone Banking to pay bills. Paying your bill online is as easy as following the steps below. We also offer partial bill payment.

How To Check Your PTCL Bill Online for This Month

  1. Type your landline number in the first blank box.
  2. The second blank box needs your Account ID.
  3. Press the Search button after confirming your entries. A PDF version of your duplicate bill will replace it.
  4. Print your bill by pressing ” Ctrl + P ” after setting your printer. Your copy of PTCL’s latest bill will arrive in a minute.

Requirements Needed To Check PTCL Bill

  • Phone Number
  • Account ID

A ptcl duplicate bill isn’t enough unless everyone knows their phone number. Bill information cannot be retrieved without your account ID. If you are not sure where to find the account ID, refer to the screenshot below.

PTCL DBill Online Check By Account Number

PTCL duplicate bill online checks should not have area codes, but it should have phone numbers without area codes. It is not possible to check PTCL bills online with a NIC number, but you can call the PTCL helpline if you don’t know your phone number and/or account ID.

  • Click on the check bill below and enter your phone number.
  • Click ‘Print Bill’ on the next screen.
  • A printable bill can be found here. Your bill can now be downloaded by clicking on the ‘Download’ icon.

Check PTCL Bill

About PTCL Bill Calculate & Pay Within Seconds

Telecommunications and Internet provider PTCL is Pakistan’s largest. Broadband Internet and landline telephone services are its major offerings. Telecommunications and Internet services are provided by PTCL to both residential and business customers. It is the country’s largest landline telephone company. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company is a subsidiary of Etisalat. Based in the United Arab Emirates, the company is a subsidiary of Etisalat.

You Can Apply New Landline Through:

  • Contact 1218
  • Visit PTCL Exchanges
  • Contacting PTCL Customer Care
  • Visit your nearest PTCL One Stop Shop
  • By using the PTCL website, text “New LL” to 0512181218

FAQs About PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number

Q1: How can I apply for a New Landline?

You can apply new landline through:

  • You can reach us by dialling 1218 from anywhere in the world
  • Exchanging visits with other countries
  • Centers for Customer Service
  • It is important to have One Stop Shops (OSS) in place 5. By sending a text message “New LL” to 0512181218 through our website

Q2: How can I change my Landline package?

Your Landline package can be changed by following the steps below:-

  • The Helpline number 1218 can be reached at any time
  • We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have


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