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Onic Sim Pakistan Price And Packages 2024

Onic Sim Pakistan: Pakistanis are excited about a recently launched Digital Telecom service with fast support, snap activation, and other features. Since people are paying huge taxes on other telecommunications after recent taxation, launching a new player could change everything.

With the telecom authority growing in a country of more than 240 million, new players may add more competition, which might keep prices down. Telecom providers began offering discounted rates on calls, SMS, and internet packages as new ones emerged.

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Onic Sim Pakistan Price 2024

Sims are available for 100 rupees from a new player in the market, and some retailers are selling them for 150 rupees.

Onic Sim Code

Onic Sim’s serial number begins with 0339.

Onic New Packages in Pakistan 2024

A complete list of Onic’s calls, messages, and internet packages can be found on its official website.

Onic Sim Price And Packages 2023

How To Buy Onic SIM In Pakistan Online?

Onic SIM cards can be obtained by following these simple steps.

  • Go to and select the Order Now option.
  • Please select the SIM card that you would like to purchase.
  • You’ll need to fill out the form with your info.
  • The SIM card can be picked up at home or a store nearby.
  • Pay with a credit card, internet banking, mobile wallet, etc.
  • With a valid ID and a reasonable package plan, activate the Onic SIM at an authorized retailer.

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