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How To Share Balance On Jazz To Jazz 2024

Sometimes, we need to have some balance to make a phone call, send an SMS, or even use mobile data. It is for this reason that we are here with an incredible offer for all Mobilink users. Read this article, to find how to share balance on jazz to jazz in 2024

Share Balance Codes On Jazz To Jazz

For only 5.49+ tax per transit, you can share your Jazz to Jazz balance on your mobile device. In a single day, you are only allowed to share PKR 500. 

Jazz makes sharing balance simple but needs to be clearer for new users. Therefore, we have shown the complete procedure with an image here.

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Maximum & Minimum Transaction Amounts

In any city, you can share the balance of a Mobilink prepaid number with another Mobilink prepaid number. In order to share, all you need to do is dial the code, type in the number, and click the button. Upon confirming the transaction, you will be able to access it.

Step By Step Method of Share Balance on Jazz to jazz

Using Jazz’s balance-sharing method is like saving your life every day. You can balance your family members when no other opportunity exists. In addition, sharing a Jazz prepaid SIM balance is possible if you use it.


Open the dialer on your phone.


In the box that appears, type 100, asterisk, Jazz Number, asterisk, Amount, and hashtag. Below is a pattern that you can follow;

*100*Jazz Number*Amount#


Once Jazz sharing is complete, you will receive an SMS confirmation. Upon confirming the function, you will be prompted to type 1 when you are prompted to do so.

  • Balance sharing is Rs. 4.77 plus tax
  • Shares must be at least Rs. 15
  • You can share up to Rs. 500
  • Jazz to Jazz only
  • No charge for this service

Subsription codes



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