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Digital Marketing Salary In Pakistan 2024 Per Month

Digital marketing salary in Pakistan average PKR 40,000 per month, with a total salary of PKR 196,000. Using the Total Pay Estimate model, these are the median salaries based on salaries collected from our users. If you want to any job or Find General Banking Officer salary check here.

Digital Marketing Beginner Salary 2024 In Pakistan

Each month, additional pay amounts to PKR 156,000. Bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit-sharing are possible. We will examine the average salary for beginner digital marketing in Pakistan in 2024. Our research utilized salary surveys, official government salary data, and job apply containing salary information.

Distribution Of Digital Marketing Salary In Pakistan

Below are the average salaries a Digital Marketing can expect in Pakistan. Secondly, one of the most interesting data points is the distribution of wages among employees.

Salary ranges

In Pakistan, a Digital Marketer can earn between 478,000 PKR and 1,380,400 PKR. Statistically, this is what is known as the range of the data.

Using the difference between the maximum and minimum salaries as a starting point. Employers are free to choose how much to pay their employees, and employees are free to choose how much to earn.

Median salary

Pakistan’s median salary for a digital marketer is 851,200 PKR. Salary distribution shows this value to be in the middle. In Pakistan, half the population earns less than 851,200 PKR, and half earn more.

Having a salary above the median indicates that you’re being paid well. Ask for a pay raise, find a better-paying job, or a raise if you earn less than the median.


Like median salaries, percentiles look at top and bottom values instead of the middle value. Pakistan’s Digital Marketer salary average is 597,800 PKR, with 25% earning less than that and 75% earning more.

The low-income majority earns less than 1,043,600 PKR, while the high-income group earns more. Calculate your 25th percentile salary and 75th percentile salary to determine if you are adequately paid.

MBA Digital Marketing Salary in Pakistan 2024

Digital marketing MBAs are specialized courses for those interested in learning the finer points of digital marketing. Digital marketing executive MBAs and software engineer salaries are also available.

Students can develop digital marketing skills, knowledge, and experience through the program. Attending this course requires a working knowledge of digital marketing or an interest in the field.

Average Salary Of MBA Digital Marketing

Above are the average salaries for the positions:

Digital Marketing Director189,095
Digital Marketing Manager3,641,369
Performance Marketing Manager111,443
Social Media Manager380,000
SEO Content Manager24436

Digital Marketer Salary in Pakitan Per Hour

Marketing products via newspapers, radio, and television is obsolete. Digital marketing is a better alternative for them to turn to in the future. Utilize clever digital ads, social media posts, email campaigns, and more. Businesses and digital marketers use digital technology to promote products and services. Marketers are in demand as the digital marketing industry booms.


Can You Tell Me How Much Digital Marketing Costs In Pakistan Per Month?

Costs for basic SEO range from a few hundred rupees to thousands. Packages start at Rs. 10,000, with complete campaigns costing up to Rs. 50,000.

Does SEO Cost A Lot In Pakistan?

SEO services in Pakistan cost between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 100,000 per month. Content marketing, PR campaigns, link building, and website authority building can be involved in SEO work.

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