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Check FESCO Bill Online June 2024 | FESCO Duplicate Electricity Bill

Fesco online bill service is a free service that allows you to Check FESCO bill online from the convenience of your own home. Fesco duplicate Bills and invoices can be viewed here, along with their due dates and amounts.

Online FESCO Electricity June Bill 2024 Check

Fesco electricity bills can be downloaded or printed for payment. The reference number must be 14-14 digits long. Then, Fesco bill checks online: how to do it. We will share complete information about Fesco Bill Online Check in this article, so stay tuned and follow the simple steps.

Check FESCO Bill Online By Reference Number

This is FESCO’s guide to checking bills online. A 14-digit reference number is needed for your electric meter. Which reference number should I use? Your FESCO bill has it printed. 

Duplicate Check Bill Online FESCO 2024 Download Now

You can enter the duplicate bill online on the official website after you get it now. Then, using your CNIC or other information, such as your meter number or name, you can request a Fesco bill from your nearest customer service center.

MEPCO Bill Check Online 2024

Check FESCO Online Bills 2024

With an electrical connection at home or at work, you can check Fesco bills online. If you go to the website listed on the link, you will need to enter a 14-digit reference number in order to access the Fesco online bill.

Visit the Official FESCO website to check your invoice. You can easily view the Fesco bill at this free website. Your last bill amount, due date, and total bill are located in this section. 

Online Electricity Bill 2024 Check FESCO Duplicate

Fesco Wapda invoices can be downloaded or printed for payment. In addition, you can view your Fesco electricity bill by entering your 14-digit reference number below:

You will need your 14-digit reference number to check your Fesco online invoice. Your duplicate Fesco invoice can be obtained by entering your ID number below or by visiting

FESCO Bill Duplicate Print And Download

Comprehensive information is available to FESCO users. You can download the Fesco app if you need a FESCO Bill. Check online and use the mobile app if you need a FESCO Bill.

Fesco Coverage Areas (www FESCO Online Bill)

Electricity is supplied and maintained by FESCO in the following cities:

jangBhakkarToba Tek Singh  

For example, if you live in another city and want to check the status of your Faisalabad electricity bill. You can view the latest FESCO invoice as soon as you enter your invoice reference number.

How To Check FESCO Duplicate Bill Online

The invoice amount can be quickly seen with the due date, and there is also a total bill that you can view.

  • Meter reading date
  • Invoice date
  • Amount due after the due date 
  • The added surcharge, etc. 

You can only check the status of invoices from the last month if you want to know if your Bill has been paid. However, you can view the bill payment history by opening a complete account and referencing the previous 12 months’ entries.

FESCO Old Bill Check Online Peak Hour

You can reduce your electricity bill and help stabilize your region’s electricity supply by reducing your electrical consumption during peak hours. Peak hours at Fesco are as follows:

June To SeptemberFrom 18:30 to 22:30
November To JuneFrom 18:00 to 22:00

How To Check FESCO Bill Online With Simple Steps

You can check your Fesco account online by following these steps:

  • You can visit the official website here.
  • The reference number must be 14 digits long.
  • The due date for payment will be indicated on your invoice upon receipt of your payment.
  • The total bill can be viewed or downloaded by clicking View Full Bill.
  • To verify your Fesco bill online, you need the 14-digit reference number on the back of the bill. You cannot use the CNIC or name to check it.


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