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MEPCO Bill Online Check May 2024 | View & Download

MEPCO is Pakistan’s largest electricity provider. A total of 35 million people in southern Punjab use this company. You can find the MEPCO Bill Online Check for 2024 by executing this process if you are a MEPCO customer. Enter your Reference Number below to check MEPCO Bill online. 

MEPCO Online Bill Check Month of May 2024

So, due to the complexity of submitting the electricity MEPCO bill online, check before the due date. In addition, nobody likes long queues. You don’t want anxiety under such conditions. Use your 14-digit reference number to check MEPCO Bill 2024. So that you could easily pay your electricity bills, I composed the entire article for you.

Check MEPCO Bill Online 2024

Check your MEPCO Bill online by entering your reference number.

How To Get And Pay Your Electricity Bill MEPCO Online 2024 

A few years ago, MEPCO did not seem able to provide online access for everyone to its website. Using the WPADA’s E-Bill system and portal, you can check your MEPCO bill online within seconds.

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Nov 2024 Check Online

You can get and pay your electricity bills at home. The latest technological system allows you to pay your bills without standing in a long queue. Instead, paying is as simple as entering the reference number.

I will guide you on how to check MEPCO bills online and get the bill reference. I will then help you pay your MEPCO bill.

About MEPCO Bill Online Check 2024 Print Duplicate Copy

Do you struggle with your MEPCO electricity bill? Checking MEPCO bills online is easy for many people. However, MEPCO bill online check due dates are easy to overlook, resulting in tremendous financial penalties. You may lose your electricity supply if you haven’t paid your electricity bill for a few months.

Users receive their electricity bills on the 15th of each month. A copy of your electricity bill is available at the nearest division office if you don’t receive it. You can also download MEPCO bills online.

The Multan Electricity Board network and power stations were supposed to be acquired by MEPCO. This company covers most of the rural population in the Southern Punjab area. MEPCO currently covers 13 districts, including:

BahawalpurMuzaffar Garh
Bahawal NagarPak Patient
Dera Ghazi KhanRahim Yar Khan
KhanewalRajan Pur

How To Check Monthly MEPCO Bill Online 2024?

You can find these the measures to assess the MEPCO Bill online below:

  • MEPCO bill online check, please visit the website at
  • Please enter a 14-digit reference number.
  • It’s now a date-based bill number.
  • The full bill can be viewed or downloaded by clicking ‘View Full Bill.’

How To Check MEPCO Web Bill Online?

  1. See the official Wapda bill MEPCO website.
  2. Enter your Reference number in the “Search Your Electricity Bill” field.
  3. Your electricity bill can now be viewed by clicking the link provided. 
  4. Next, you can see your bill by clicking the provided link.
  5. Finally, you can print the bill by clicking on the “Print Bill” button.

How To Check WAPDA Bill Online?

  • Open the WAPDA PITC Bill Service Website
  • All companies that distribute electricity can be found here.
  • Select your electricity provider, such as LESCO, PESCO, GEPCO, etc.
  • On the search bill page, enter the reference number and click “Search”.
  • Please find your bill below on your computer or mobile device. 
  • You can download or print your bill.

How To Check An Online MEPCO Bill Without A Reference Number?

Check your MEPCO bill if you cannot find the reference number. Refer to the left side of your bill for the reference number. Your reference number is highlighted below.

However, your reference number is usually on the left side. It is because a few changes have been made to MEPCO’s bills. Therefore, when paying your bill, you should search for your reference number, the 14-digit number on your bill.

How Do You Find The 14 Digit Reference Number?

MEPCO bill online check by entering your reference number. You will find it in a box at the bottom of the bill. Here is the highlighted arrow in the picture below if you are still confused about finding your reference number:

MEPCO Bill Checker APP For Android Mobile

Multan Billing company has developed an app for smartphones to check your electricity bill. Bills can be checked without creating an account.

A mobile, tablet or mini-laptop can also access their website via their fully responsive web portal. But first, check the bill by using the reference number on

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Online Through MEPCO APK?

  1. To pay your MEPCO bills, you can use the MEPCO portal or a mobile banking application.
  2. Download the app and sign up on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Click on the utility bill that you would like to view.
  4. If you have a reference number, please insert it here.
  5. Go to the payment page.
  6. Online payment for your MEPCO bill has been completed.

Note: Double-check the reference number to avoid making mistakes.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Online In Pakistan (Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, Bank)

In JazzCash, you must recharge your account by paying from a bank or visiting a PCO. On the other hand, paying MEPCO bills online is easy with these steps.

How to Pay Online MEPCO Bill Through Jazz Cash?

  • Open the app and log in to your account.
  • Make sure that you select the ‘Bill Payment’ option.
  • Choose the utility company that you wish to use.
  • Make sure that the required information is filled in.
  • To pay your bill, you will need to enter your reference number.

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Through EasyPaisa?

The EasyPaisa service is similarly easy to use and quite simple. These steps will guide you:

  1. Pay with EasyPaisa like with JazzCash.
  2. On the bill icon, tap.
  3. Pick the provider.
  4. Data and references are inserted.
  5. Payment of your MEPCO bill is easy. Just click the button.

How To Pay MEPCO Bill Through a Bank App?

Having the HBL app is a great way to use one of the most popular banks in Pakistan. To achieve this, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Please log in to the HBL app by clicking here.
  • Please select the bill that you would like to pay.
  • Make a decision on which provider you want to use.
  • Provide the reference number.
  • Make a payment by clicking the button.

How To Register For MEPCO Bill Notifications Via Email or SMS?

  1. Enter your reference number in your email address, and you will receive MEPCO bills.
  2. You can also receive SMS messages if you hardly open emails. 
  3. Please insert your mobile number instead of an email address with your reference number.


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