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PM Subsidy On Petrol In Pakistan Rs. 100 Per Liter 2023 (New Update)

PM subsidy on petrol in pakistan is being offered to low-income people who use motorcycles, rickshaws, and cars up to 800cc. Lahore’s premier, Shahbaz Sharif, chaired a meeting about petroleum users’ relief package.

Subsidized petrol is being extended to cars up to 800cc, motorcycles, and rickshaws. In the subsidized segment, petrol prices will be reduced by Rs. 100 per liter, reducing the price substantially.

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Govt announces Fuel Package Relief For Low-income

The Prime Minister instructed authorities to implement the program quickly. The stakeholders should devise a comprehensive strategy. Commoners use motorcycles, rickshaws, and smaller cars, so that the subsidy will help them.

Petrol prices were raised by Rs100 per liter by the federal government last week. During Ramadan, they are already estimating high inflation. According to the Finance Ministry, fuel prices increased because of Platte Singapore price increases.

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PM Announces Rs 100/ Liter Subsidy On Fuel For poor

During this period, the Pakistani Rupee depreciated. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced the Petrol Relief Package while chairing a meeting in Lahore. Small vehicles such as motorcycles, rickshaws, and 800cc cars.

PM shahbaz Subsidy On Petrol In Pakistan Rs. 100 Per Liter

PM Subsidy On Petrol In Pakistan 2023

He said that the government is trying every possible way to help the poor despite severe economic difficulties. For example, the petroleum subsidy is intended to help the poor by providing them with motorcycles, rickshaws, and small vehicles.

Economic difficulties do not stop the government from helping the poor. State Minister for Petroleum Mossadegh Malik updated the meeting on the petroleum subsidy strategy.



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