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Jazz Call Packages Codes (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) Updated 2024 | Activatation Code

As Pakistan’s largest telecom network, Jazz Call Packages Codes grew rapidly to 55 million users. Moreover, Jazz has introduced new services for its users. It offering amazing packages for calls, SMS, and internet and hosting customer-centric days that have conquered users’ hearts.

As a result, more and more users are switching to Jazz to take advantage of its features.

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Jazz Weekly Call Packages Prepaid Activatation Code

A range of Call packages is available from Jazz to meet customers’ needs. Customers can choose from daily, weekly, and monthly packages according to their needs. This way, customers can easily fulfill their requirements with the different Jazz Call Packages Codes they can choose from.

NetworkPackage NameFree On-Net MinsFree Off-Net MinsFree SMSFree MBsValidityPrice
Jazz New SIM Offer1000100010007 DaysRs.0
Jazz 4G Sim Offer50050050007 DaysRs.0
Jazz Super Sim Offer6003060060007 DaysRs.78
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer300030300030007 DaysRs.130
Jazz Sindh Raabta Offer10004010007 DaysRs.130
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer10007 DaysRs.139
Jazz Super Woman BundleUnlimited120007 DaysRs.145

Jazz Prepaid Monthly (Super Duper & Super Duper Plus) Card Offers

As a starting point, we will begin with the family of super cards widely used to make ‎Jazz Call Packages Codes. Most of us do not like to be forced to subscribe to packages now and then, as it can be quite draining.

There are 5 different super cards that Jazz offers. Two of them can be used every week, and three of them can be used per month. So you can choose whatever suits your needs based on your needs.

Monthly Super Duper & Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Activation Code

PACKAGEPriceDetails ValidlyActivation Code
Monthly Super DuperRs. 868
Including Taxes
3000 Jazz Minutes Off-net: 300 Minutes, 14GB Internet 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706#
Jazz Super Duper Plus CardRs. 1129
Including Taxes
10000 Free On-Net Minutes 500 Off-Net Minutes 10000 SMS 35GB Internet30 DaysDial *707# Un-Subscription: *707*4#
Jazz Call Packages Codes

Jazz Daily Call Packages Prepaid All In One Offers

Below you will find a list of the different Jazz Call Packages and other daily incentives available. As for Prepaid Customers, they can choose their package.

Jazz Super Plus OfferRs. 45
Including Taxes.
1000 On-Net Minutes 10 Off-Net Minutes 100MB internet + 1000 SMS1 DayDial *558#
Daily Day BundlePKR 2020MB Data 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMS1 Day*340#
Jazz SIM Lagao OfferRs.0.01 (Incl. Tax)3000 Jazz/Warid Minutes (50 Minutes/day) 6GBs (Including 3 GB for WhatsApp) and 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#
Jazz Call Packages Codes

Jazz Call Package Codes – 3 Days Offer

A Jazz Call Package Code is a special package designed for users who enjoy the Jazz Call Package 3 days a week.

Jazz 3 Day Max offerRs. 40 Incl. Tax1000 Jazz Minutes, 1000 SMS, 10 Offnet Munutes, 1 GB Data3 DaysDial *631#
Jazz Call Package Codes

Jazz Weekly Call Packages Prepaid

Please find below a list of all the Jazz Weekly call packages and other incentives you can take advantage of. Nevertheless, there are only a few options available to customers when it comes to choosing between them.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid OfferRs.150 Inc. Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 60 Minutes 1000 SMS 1 GB Internet7 DaysDial *407# Un-Subscription: *407*4# Status: *407*2# Info: *407*3#
Jazz Weekly Social PlusRs. 215 Incl. Tax8 GB DATA (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & BiP) 500 Jazz Mins 25 Other Network Mins 500 SMS7 DaysDial *668#
Jazz weekly PremiumRs.217 (Incl. Tax)5 GB DATA 50 All Network Mins7 DaysDial *117*47#
Jazz Weekly All Network OfferRs. 243 (Incl. tax)3 GB DATA 1000 Jazz Mins 90 Other Network Mins 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *700# Status : *700*2# Un-Subscription: *700*4#
Super Duper Weekly OfferRs. 330 (Incl. tax)5000 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 10 GB internet7 DaysDial *770# Status: *770*2# Bundle information = *770*3#
Jazz Call Packages Codes

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Jazz Monthly Call Packages Prepaid

You can take advantage of our monthly call packages for the entire month. It is important to note that Jazz offers a variety of monthly call packages and other incentives at the same time.

Jazz Monthly Hybrid BundleRs.868 incl. Tax14 GB DATA 3000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network Mins 3000 SMS30 DaysDial *430# Status *430*2#
Mahana Bachat OfferRs.215 incl. Tax4 GB ​DATA (Whatsapp, IMO & BiP) 300 Jazz Mins 50 Other Network Mins 1000 SMS30 DaysDial *614#
Jazz Monthly PremiumRs. 868 incl.Tax25 GB DATA 500 Free On-Net Minutes30 DaysDial *2000#
Monthly Super DuperRs. 868 (Incl. tax)14 GB DATA 3000 Jazz Mins 300 Other Network Mins 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706# Status: *706*2#
Jazz Super Mahana OfferRs. 521 (Incl. tax)10 GB DATA 5000 Jazz Mins 150 Other Network Mins 5000 SMS30 DaysDial *529#
Jazz Super Duper PlusRs. 1129 (Incl. tax)35 GB DATA 10000 Jazz Mins 500 Other Network Mins 10000 SMS30 DaysDial *707# Info String: *707*3# Status String: *707*2# Un-Subscription: *707*4#
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs. 350 (incl. tax)5 GB Data ​2000 Jazz Mins 200 Other Network Mins 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *705#
Jazz Call Packages Codes
Jazz Call Packages Codes
Jazz Call Packages Codes


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