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Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package Code | Hourly Net Code

Our topic today is Telenor 1 hour internet package code. We live in a world of the Internet. Without the Internet, it’s hard to make a living. In addition, the Internet provides global connectivity.

The Internet touches almost every aspect of our lives. Different companies offer various internet packages. Weekly, monthly, and daily.

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Telenor 1 Hour Unlimited Internet Package

Activation codes and prices for Telenor 1-Hour Internet packages are available here. Find out everything you need about Telenor 4G’s hourly net packages.

Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package Code (YouTube, Social, Din-Rat)

The “Telenor 1 Hour Internet Package Code” has been expanded to include four packages. Reviewing the incentives, MBs, timing, and validity of each package one by one.

  • 1 Hour Youtube Package
  • Hourly Social Pack
  • Raat – Din Offer (Hourly)
  • Hourly Off-Peak Package

How To Check Telenor One Hour Internet Package Code

Telenor One Hour Social Pack

2.5 rupees for 70 MBs hourly. A daily/hourly social pack is available. Therefore, it is the first bundle among Telenor Internet Packages to use social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Offer NameSocial Pack
PriceRs 2.5

Telenor One Hour (500 MBs) Youtube Offer 

A YouTube hourly bundle is second on the list. With this bundle, you can access Youtube for 500 MBs. You have until midnight to take advantage of the offer. Dial *60# to enroll in this package.

Offer NameYoutube Offer
PriceRs 8

Telenor 1-Hour Off-Peak Package (1500 MBs)

This bundle provides you with plenty of valid MBs for a specific time. Get 1500 MBs of data for Rs 15 between 6 AM and 6 PM. Dial *10# to activate this fantastic internet package for prepaid SIM cards.

Offer NameOff-Peak Package
PriceRs 15

Telenor 1 Hour Raat – Din Offer

Activate Raat – Din Enjoy 1.5GB (1500 MBs) in 18 rupees by dialing 150#. 3G/4G devices are best suited for Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

Offer NameRaat-Din Offer
PriceRs 18


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