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Pakistan Mobile SIM Information System Check Online | PTA 668

What information can you obtain from the PTA SIM Information System regarding the owner, such as name, address, and location? If so, you’re in the right place. Our online and mobile apps provide the best tools for checking Sim Information System in great detail. 

In addition, the following SIMs are available for information: Jazz, Warid, Ufone, Telenor, and Zong.

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PTA SIM Information System Through CNIC

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is responsible for administering and maintaining the nation’s telecommunication network. 

It was during the early 2000s that cell phones became affordable and readily accessible to the general public. As a result, Pakistan’s cellular subscriber base increased dramatically over the following years.

Check SIM Number Through CNIC Check Online PTA Registration

To maintain a complete record of the increasing number of SIM subscribers, they implemented PTA SIM Information Initiative in 2009. It was established in 2009.

Mobile carriers and the general public can use this system to determine how many SIM cards are active on their CNICs. Our system protects you if you do not know how to monitor the number of SIM cards registered on your ID card. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide an in-depth examination of the PTA SIM information management system and the services that it provides.

Search PTA SIM Information System Via SMS 

Here are the steps you need to follow to check the information on your SIM card via SMS:

  • From your mobile device, open the SMS written box.
  • In this box, enter the number of your CNIC without dashes
  • Send the SMS using USSD code 668
  • You will send an SMS containing information about your active SIM cards registered to your CNIC number.

Check SIM Information System By Mobile Number Online

A SIM card number is displayed on this website when you register your CNIC. Below are the steps you need to follow:

To view the above screen, visit the PTA SIM Information site.

Your CNIC number must be entered next.

The expected results will be displayed in a tabular format within a few seconds.

A table with the active sim operator’s number can be found below.

Get SIM Name Check Online Through Different Ways

In Pakistan, one must verify their SIM through Biometric Verification System (BVS) after online NADRA whenever a new SIM is purchased, a duplicate SIM is obtained, or for any reason, one wants to reverify their SIM.

Find SIM Information Systems Online with Name, Address, & Location

Through the PTA SIM Information System, you can access state-of-the-art information systems. However, when it comes to checking your CNIC for active SIMs, there are two ways. One method of reviewing SIM data is via SMS, while another is via the Internet.

It is the period during which PTA assists sim phone companies in launching their products and expanding their operations. Unfortunately, many crimes do not appear to record who purchased them accurately.

Biometric PTA SIM Verification System Check Online 

The PTAs are now BVSs to maintain the security of the total number, preventing cellular networks from being manipulated. PTA Biometric Authentication Framework is being developed in partnership with NADRA. A mobile phone is scanned using electronic data from the CNIC. Below is a list of elements and events included in the scheme:

  • A new SIM card or wireless landline connection must be purchased or activated
  • Firm link duplicated for SIM/wireless
  • Wireless links and SIM cards change ownership
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
  • Re-assessment of SIM/wireless links
  • SIM Information System With Number Online

Keeping your SIM connection recognized is necessary to prevent blocking by the PTA Biometric Verification System. You may obtain a biometric SIM in Pakistan by following the instructions. But, first, please check once again whether your SIM is linked to your account on your behalf. These instructions will guide you throughout the process.

How Do You Register /Activate A New Sim? 

NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) requires you to register all new SIM cards against your CNIC. In addition, NADRA and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) work together to maintain a record of all active SIM card holders in Pakistan to ensure transparency and prevent terrorism. The Subscriber Information Module (SIM) needs to be registered. So let’s talk about it.

The first step is to visit any mobile operator franchise, such as Zong, Jazz/Warid, Telenor, and Ufone

  1. CNICs must be presented
  2. Verification of biometric data
  3. You will receive a new SIM card
  4. Please put it on your mobile device
  5. Within 24 hours, you will activate your SIM card

How To Check The Verification Status Of Your SIM?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has simplified the process of sim checking. For this reason, different mobile operating companies have a different call or SMS codes. First, let’s check the CNIC SIM card.

  • JAZZ: Use the number 6001 to send your CNIC
  • Telenor: Your CNIC Number send to 7751
  • Ufone: Dial *336#

If you wish to verify the status of your SIMS registered against your SIMS, you may do so by texting 668 or visiting the PTA website. But, first, we will discuss how to limit the number of SIM cards.

How to Check Number Of Sims On Your CNIC?

It is possible to verify the number of mobile networks on your National Identity Card (CNIC) using the online system provided by the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA). Furthermore, if you are a foreigner, you can also check the number of SIMs against the number on your account.

  • The first step is to visit the website:
  • The CNIC number must be entered without spaces
  • You are not a robot to continue
  • The request you have submitted has been received.
  • Your CNIC number will provide information on all the SIM cards registered.
  • The following options are available to foreigners:
  • Go to to get started
  • Please enter your foreign ID number
  • Make sure you aren’t a robot
  • Submit it.
  • Your CNIC number will be used to identify all SIM cards registered to your account.

How to Block Your Sim?

Finally, registering your SIM card and blocking your SIM card follow the same procedure.

  1. Visit a franchise near you.
  2. you must present your CNIC
  3. If you want to block your SIM card, you can ask them to do so
  4. Verification of biometric information
  5. The SIM card on your phone has been blocked.

Lastly, the SIM Information System operates in Pakistan with high reliability and convenience. In addition to these e-government initiatives, other initiatives such as online vehicle verification, becoming a filer, and checking property records online have improved customer service in Pakistan.



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