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CM Punjab Solar Subsidy 2024 Apply Online | Roshan Gharana Program

Maryam Nawaz Sharif launched Punjab solar subsidy scheme to promote renewable energy. Solar panels are being provided for free to Punjab households, reducing their reliance on conventional electricity and harnessing solar energy. Families facing economic challenges can benefit from the solar system relief program. 

Roshan Gharana Program Scheme Apply Online

Income level, location, and household size are factors that determine eligibility. Residential communities, businesses, institutions, and homes can install solar PV plants on their roofs. Solar energy is more profitable than conventional sources if your sanctioned load exceeds 1.25 kW. You can recoup your upfront solar system price in Punjab in just 6-8 years. 

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Eligibilty Criteria To CM Punjab Solar Subsidy Scheme

Solar panels, an inverter, and a battery will be provided to eligible families, allowing them to generate up to a kilowatt of electricity. Aims to reduce conventional power grid load and promote clean energy.

Online Registration For Punjab Solar Panel Scheme

Simple registration is required to participate in the Punjab rotion gharana scheme. Registration will be done through the designated channels announced by the government. Keep your electricity bill low during April and May to qualify for solar panels, significantly if you do not exceed 100 units.

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Key Features Of Solar Panel Scheme 2024

  1. Free of Cost
  2. Complete Solar Panel System 
  3. Preference for Low Electricity Bill Holders 
  4. Distribution Process 

1- Free Of Cost 

Solar panels under the scheme are free of charge. Installation and acquisition of solar panels are free of charge.

2- Complete Solar Panel System 

Solar panels, an inverter, and batteries will be provided to each household.

3- Preference For Low Electricity Bill Holders 

We are giving solar panels to households with less than 100 units of electricity who need them. By doing this, you are promoting the conservation and efficiency of energy.

4- Distribution Process 

Using WAPDA data, the government will identify eligible households. Households who qualify for panels will be distributed relatively if there are more than available. Solar panels are available to each family in an amount of six panels.

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