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All Zong Call Packages Code (Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly) Updated 2024

Zong would be the number one telecom operator in Pakistan if we looked at call rates and SMS packages at reasonable rates. As part of its commitment to its valued customers, Zong offers affordable package plans. Therefore, at affordable rate of zong call packages code.

One can expect Call Packages, Internet Packages, and SMS Packages from Zong. Compared to its competitors’ package plans, Zong Call Packages are cheaper than their competitor’s daily, weekly and monthly package plans.

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All Zong Call Packages Code [Latest]

Find out more about Zong Daily Weekly and Monthly Call Packages in 2024. Scroll down to see the complete Zong Call Packages Code that will be presented below if you are interested in call packages. You will find in this list all details about Zong Daily Call Packages, Zong Weekly Call Packages, and Zong Monthly Call Packages.

Zong 4G Prepaid Packages Codes (Daily, Weekly, And Monthly)

The current world is dependent on telecommunications. In Pakistan, four large telecommunication companies offer their services. There is a variety of calling packages that each telecom company offers to its customers.

Latest Zong Call Packages Code (Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

You may be able to get more minutes at a lower price by purchasing Zong Call Packages Code. Customers can choose from various zong daily weekly and monthly call packages offered by telecom companies.

We can find many package plans in each classification. A mobile pack platform is by far one of the best for keeping updated on the offers of the telecom companies most easily and conveniently possible.

Zong Daily Call Packages (100 Free Minutes Code)

Zong always meets your expectations when it comes to staying connected with friends and family. There is a variety of Zong Daily Call Packages which vary in both price and capacity. In addition to meeting the daily call minutes requirement, package plans provide a sufficient number of daily minutes.

Zong Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages 2024 [Latest]

Those who do not make frequent phone calls will benefit from the daily call package. The only requirement is that they call for a certain period. Zong Daily Call Package allows users to use their minutes at various times of the day. Reading all Daily Package Plans carefully and selecting one that meets your requirements is simply a matter of reading.

Zong Daily Weekly And Monthly Call Packages Detail Info

In the following, you will find a detailed description of Zong Daily Call Packages. It is sometimes difficult to use Zong’s one-day call package for limited periods. zong daily weekly and monthly call packages are therefore designed to offer some quick-term call-all options.

A short-term call package may be a pleasant surprise if you want to use minutes for a limited period. These short packages also offer the benefit of containing social bundles designed to help you keep in touch with family and friends. Social bundles are the need of every person. Enjoy calling minutes and social bundles by subscribing to daily package plans.

Zong To Zong Voice Call Packages With Subscription Code Detail

Package NameFree On-Net MinsValidityPrice
Zong Full Gup Package751 DayRs.5+tax
Zong Daily Voice Offer201 DayRs.5
Zong Sixer Plus Packageunlimited1 DayRs.8
Zong 2 Hour Non Stop Offer1201 DayRs.9
Zong Non Stop Packageunlimited1 DayRs.10
Zong Flutter Package1201 DayRs.12
Zong Perfect Package100001 DayRs.12
Zong Hello 1 DIN1501 DayRs.13
Zong Shandaar Daily Packageunlimited1 DayRs.14
Zong Call Packages Code

How To Check Online Zong Weekly Call Packages? | Zong To Zong Offers

Subscribers who wish to maintain long-term relationships with their friends and family may be attracted to the Zong Weekly Call Package. Various packages are available from Zong to suit the needs of all subscribers.

Several social bundles are offered weekly and remain active for one full week. In addition, several packages are available with Zong weekly calling packages, which vary in price and duration. The following are the details of Zong’s weekly call package.

Package NameFree On-Net MinsValidityPrice
Zong New SIM Offer10007 DaysRs.0
Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer4007 DaysRs.0
Zong Sixer Plus Package5007 DaysRs.120
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package10007 DaysRs.200
Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly)10007 DaysRs.200
Zong Punjab Offer1507 DaysRs.230
Zong Haftawar Load Offer25007 DaysRs.250
Zong Karachi Offer50007 DaysRs.250
Zong Super Weekly Premium1007 DaysRs.330
Zong Call Packages Code

How To Subscribe Zong Monthly Call Packages?

Each company contains different kinds of users whose requirements are different from each other. For example, Zong monthly packages are available for those who want to use calling minutes every day. Among the many advantages of Zong’s monthly package is that the user does not need to subscribe to the package repeatedly. In addition to the monthly call package offered by Zong, several other plans can be selected according to a user’s needs. Zong’s call packages are listed below. Furthermore, with the “Power Pack Sim”, Zong has created another package plan. In addition to some additional minutes and data, these power pack sims offer additional calling capabilities.

Package NameFree On-Net MinsValidityPrice
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package100030 DaysRs.300
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500100030 DaysRs.500
Zong Super Card250030 DaysRs.650
Zong Supreme Offer500030 DaysRs.1000
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000200030 DaysRs.1000
Zong Supreme Plus Offer1000030 DaysRs.1732
Zong Call Packages Code
All Zong Call Packages Code
Zong Call Packages Code

FAQ (Zong Daily Weekly And Monthly Call Packages)

Q: How Can I make a free Zong to Zong Call?

Dialing 908 and selecting a number for the next 24 hours is an easy way to make a free call. Also SMS “Sub free” to 908.

Q: How can I get free Zong internet minutes?

Spending 300/100 Zong free minutes entitles you to one free internet minute, a gigabyte of internet data, and 1000 SMS.

Q: How can I activate the Zong Weekly Package?

As mentioned above, there are several weekly packages that you can choose from. Mega weekly internet package can be activated by dialing *6464# which contains 4GB of internet data. This package costs 160 plus tax. 

Q: Which Zong Package is best?

In order to make things easier for users, Zong offers a number of package plans that are based on different time durations. As a result of this guide, we have arranged all package plans in detail. Select the right package plan from the above-mentioned list that suits your communication needs. 

Q: Is Zong to Zong free?

Zong is offering different package plans that include free Zong to Zong calls. Scroll up and check package plans one by one for free offers. 

Q: What is Zong Combo pack?

The combo pack of Zong telecom offers a mixture of calls, SMS, and internet data. It is suitable for those who want a complete package that contains all communication features.



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