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School Based Assessment 2024 Grade 7 All Subjects With Answer PDF

The school-based assessment papers with answer keys for grade 7 for the annual examination 2024 are available in PDF format. English, Science, Urdu, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer, Islamic Studies, Nazra Quran, and Tarjamat-ul-Quran board test papers.

Grade 7 School Based Assessment 2024 All Subjects Papers

The SBA Papers 2024 of Grade 7 were prepared using original papers from the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) website. According to the Punjab government’s education department, this assessment will occur at the province’s public and private schools in March 2024. You can download School Based Assessment 8 Grade 2024 With Keys from this page.

School-Based Assessment 2024 Grade 7

As part of the item bank, the Punjab Examination Commission has published the answers to the SBA Papers. Everybody is aware that PEC will be conducting a seventh-grade examination. It is important to note that, for this exam, all the subject’s papers are generated from the item bank.

School user names and passwords are provided in the item bank. The login details for each school will be used in 2024 to print all grade 7 papers. Below you will find all answer keys for each subject with assessment papers. 

SBA 2024 Computer Paper 7 Grade With Keys

Here is a grade 7 assessment paper in PDF format with answers. Click here to download the file. Both an Urdu and an English version are available. Answer keys are also available in English and Urdu. Papers are available in two formats. There are objective questions in Paper A. Similarly, paper B represents a subjective school-based assessment. 

Computer Grade 7 SBA Paper APaper B SBA ComputerKeys

Social Study Class 7 SBA Paper With Keys:

Computer Grade 7 SBA Paper APaper B SBA ComputerKeys

English 7th Class SBA Paper With Keys

Answer keys to the English paper for 7th grade. Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) also provides the keys on its website. You can download all paper keys by clicking the button below.

English Paper AEnglish Paper BKeys

Urdu School Based Assessment Answer & Keys

PEC has released a grade 7 paper for SBA 2024. A list of items for Urdu subjects under the Punjab examination commission for the session 2024. Answer keys for 7th grade Urdu. The Punjab Examination Commission also provides these keys online. You can download all versions of the papers with answer keys from the download button below.

Ursu SBA Paper ObjectiveSubjective Urdu SBA 2024Answers

Islamiat School-Based Assessment Paper With Keys

With the answer keys for the Islamiat 7th class SBA paper, you can download it here. PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) also provides these paper keys for download. All paper keys can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Islamiat SBA ObjectiveSBA 2024 Islamiat SubjectiveKeys

Mathematics SBA Paper With Keys

SBA paper 2024 Mathematics 7th class pdf with answer keys. PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) also offers these keys for download. Here you can download all paper keys for all versions. Almost all of the papers come from the 2024 session of the PEC item bank.

Math paper AMath paper BKeys

Science 7th Class SBA Paper With Keys

Grade 7 Science School-Based Assessment. Science paper answers for 7th grade. These keys can also be downloaded from the PEC’s website. Click the button below to download the paper keys for all versions. An Urdu and English version of the Science paper for SBA 2024 is available. Both versions of the answer keys are available in PDF format.

Science SBA 2024 ObjectiveSubjective Paper ScienceAns Keys

7 Class SBA Papers 2024 Version 2

The papers uploaded above are all from paper version 1. The answer keys to all subject papers, version 2 are available in the table below.

English Objective v2Subjective V2Answer
Urdu A V2Subjective V2Answer
Science A V2Subjective V2Answer
Math A V2Subjective V2Answer
Computer A V2Subjective V2Answer
Islamiat A V2Subjective V2Answer
Social Studies A V2Subjective V2Answer

7th Class SBA Paper 2024 Version 3


Teaching Of Holy Quran School-Based Assessment Paper With Keys

Nazra Quran Paper A has objective-level MCQs and Paper B has oral questions. Some of the ahadees and ayats from the Holy Quran will be read to the teachers. Below is the Nazra Quran paper for Grade 7.

Quran Objective PaperSubjective Quran PaperKeys

Ethics 7 Grade School Based Assessment Paper 2024

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics


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