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Best Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2022 With New Model And Pictures

Yamaha bike price in pakistan 2022 Announces Another Massive Price Hike Motor Corporation (Yamaha) has decided to break its silence after two months by announcing substantial price increases.

Best Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2022

This is the company’s last ad, released on July 31, 2022, and the newest one has resulted in a price increase of Rs. 331,000 for the bike. The following are the new prices, which take effect right away.

However, the corporation did not explain the increase, but it is reasonable to assume depreciation of the local currency contributed.

Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2022 With New Prices Check Now

BikesCurrent Prices (Rs.)Revised Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
YB-125Z DX292,500307,00014,500
YBR-125G (Matte Dark Gray)315,500331,00015,500

Yamaha Bikes 2022 New Prices Of Latest Models And Pictures Ads

Yamaha has announced a substantial price increase after two months of silence. There has been a price increase for the bike to Rs. 331,000 since the company’s last advertisement, which was issued on July 31, 2022.

The bicycle manufacturer has raised its prices periodically in the past few months. Motor motorcycle dealers and industry analysts may see more price increases because of Pakistan’s economic problems.

Yamaha New Bike Prices In Pakistan 2022 Advertisement

The most recent government estimates put bike manufacturing at 94% local, so motorcycle manufacturers have no excuse for raising prices so often.

Despite the company’s failure to specify reasons for the increase, local currency depreciation is likely the primary reason.

Yamaha’s Fifth Price Hike 2022 Check List

This is Yamaha’s fifth price hike of 2022. Since February 2022, the bike manufacturer has increased its prices regularly. The ongoing economic situation in Pakistan is expected to result in further price hikes for motorcycle dealers and industry experts.

As stated in the latest government reports, motorcycle manufacturing has been localized by 94%, which explains why motorcycle manufacturers increase prices so frequently and by such wide margins.

Yamaha Bike Prices A Massive Increase In Pakistan

Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Private) Limited has been informed of an increase in Yamaha bike prices. As a result, models YB 125Z DX, YBR 125, and YBR 125G have increased in price.

  • There is an increase of Rs18,000 to Rs27,00 in the Yamaha YB-125Z model.
  • Yamaha YB-125Z DX price has risen by Rs19,000 to 292,000.
  • This model now costs Rs312,500, up Rs20,500.
  •  Rs2,500 more for the YBR-125G dark color model.

Another price hike has been notified by Atlas Honda, which is the second in a month. Honda’s CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125SE, CB 125F, CB 150F, and CB 150F SE motorcycles bikes all had price increases.

Honda Motorcycles New Prices

  • The price of Honda Motorcycles has increased by up to Rs. 15,000 in some models.
  • United Auto Motorcycle raised its prices by Rs3,000 for 70CC-125CC bikes.

Motorcycle and car prices are rising primarily because of international raw material prices and freight costs post-Covid-19. The Pakistani motorcycle industry reopened in July after months of closure.

For the first time, the number of bikes sold in a single month in the country reached an all-time high. A huge price hike was announced by Yamaha shortly after Atlas Honda and Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC).

Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2022 Massive Price Hike Detail

BikesCurrent Prices (Rs.)Revised Prices (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)
YB-125Z DX226,000248,50022,500
YBR-125G Limited245,000268,50023,500

New Yamaha Announces a Stupendous Price Hike For Its Bikes

Since February 2022, Yamaha has been dropping devastating price hike bombs on its customers. A price increase of up to Rs. 10,500 was made in April, while a price increase of up to Rs. 12,000 was made in February.

Due to Pakistan’s ongoing economic turmoil, motorcycle dealerships have confirmed that more price hikes are expected.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Private) Limited has announced a substantial increase in Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan beginning August 1, 2022. In addition, all models will be priced higher in fiscal 2023.

Yamaha Bike Price In Pakistan 2022 Massive Price Hike October 2022

Yamaha BikesNew Price (PKR)Old Price (PKR)Price Hike (PKR)
Yamaha – YB125Z (Red/Black)273,000231,500 41,500
Yamaha – YB125Z DX (Red/Blue/Black)292,500248,500 44,000
Yamaha – YBR125 (Red/Blue/Black)300,000 255,00045,000
Yamaha – YBR125G (Red/Black)312,500265,50047,000
Yamaha – YBR 125G (Matt Dark Gray)315,500268,50047,000
Yamaha bike price in pakistan


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