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PAF Online Test Preparation 2022 | Pakistan Air Force Airmen Test Preparation

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) offers a wide variety of careers to Pakistanis, and the selection process begins with a PAF online test Preparation 2022.

The candidate who successfully completes PAF’s rigorous and exhaustive training will have a rewarding, noble, and honorable career ahead of him or her. There are different categories and trades of airmen in the PAF Online Test Preparation 2022.

Airmen categories Of PAF Online Test Preparation 2022

  • Religious Teacher
  • Education Instructor
  • Aero-Technician
  • Aero-Support
  • Provost
  • Ground Combaters (GC)
  • Mechanical Transport Driver (MTD)
  • Music
  • Sportsman

Airmen Selection Procedure In PAF Online Test Preparation 2022

As shown on the official join PAF website, here is the selection procedure for PAF Airmen All Trades.

(a) Intelligence Test

(b) Academic Test (English / Math’s / Physics)

(c) Medical Test

(d) Belief Rationalization Test

(e) Interview

(f) Final Merit List

Music Trade Selection Procedure for PAF Online Test Preparation 2022 Initial Test

(a) Intelligence Test
(b) Academic Test (English subject only)
(c) Medical
(d) Board Interview
(e) Practical Aptitude Test
(f) Final Merit List

Sportsman Trade Procedure for PAF Airmen

(a) Respective Sports Test at Directorate of Sports and Physical Education AHQ, Peshawar
(b) Intelligence Test
(c) Academic Test (English / Maths / Physics)
(d) Medical Test
(e) Final Merit List

Pakistan Air Force Test Preparation Airmen Initial

You must pass all four types of tests to pass the initial selection test for Pakistan Air Force Airmen (Intelligence+Academis).
You can clear the PAF Online Test Preparation 2022 with high marks if you prepare for it. PAF tests are becoming more and more competitive nowadays, so you should prepare well before taking them.
In addition to providing information regarding each test, we will also provide you with materials that you can use to prepare for the PAF Online Test Preparation 2022.
If you have applied for Aero Trade, you will face 4 different types of tests which are as follows.

Intelligence Test
Physics MCQs Test
Math’s MCQs Test

PAF Online Intelligence Test Preparation


I have found that the word “intelligence” conveys various meanings to various psychologists. They interpret it in their own way. While some psychologists view intelligence as a general ability, others see it as a special ability to deal with specific types of problems.

Different schools of thought may have different opinions, but they all seem to agree on one broad definition
“An innate ability to solve problems is what is meant by intelligence”.

An innate ability is one that a person is born with and cannot be acquired through self-study or classroom instruction. Hence. Intelligence is characterized by an inborn capacity for solving problems of an unfamiliar or novel nature or reacting farsightedly to them.

PAF Online Test Preparation 2022 Intelligence Test Verbal


In this chapter, a few common types of intelligence tests generally given in the various selection tests, especially of the Civil Services are illustrated.

Type 1: Completion of Series Tests

An alphabet or a number of digits is provided and they follow a specific pattern. You have to pay attention to this order and find the missing letter in between or at the end of the series.


Which of the following choices provides the last two missing figures in the series given below?

(1) 0, 3, 7, 12, 18, 25,,_.

Choices (a) 35,

(b) 33,

(c) 34,

(d) 44,

(e) 42 (f) 45.

(2) 9, 16, 25, 36,,.

Choices: (a) 46,

(b) 84,

(c) 49,

(d) 64,

(e) 62.


(1) The difference between the first two figures in the series is 3 and it continues to increase by 1. The difference between the last two figures is 7, the next interval will be 8 and then 9. Hence, the required figures are 33 and 42.

Therefore, (b) and (c) is the correct answers.

(2) In the second series, all the figures are symmetrical squares of 3, 4, 5, and 6. The next missing figures should be squares of 7 and 8. The answers are, therefore, 49 and 64 and can be expressed as (c) and (d).

Physics MCQs Test

Microphone converts sound energy into _?

A. Microwaves
B. Electrical signals
C. Optical Signals
D. Heat energy

Which of the following is not a unit of distance?

A. Parsec
B. Astronomical Unit
C. Light Year
D. Foot Candle

The most brightest planet amongst the eight planets?

A. Mercury
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Neptune

Who discovered the Gamma rays?

A. Alfred Marshall
B. Paul Villard
C. Bohar
D. Jabar bin Hayan

Which is the strongest part (s) of a magnet?

A. North pole
B. South pole
C. North and south pole
D. Median of north and south pole


How many verses Surah Baqrah contains?

A. 284
B. 286
C. 288
D. 290

What is the best eatable thing mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A. Dabino
B. Honey
C. Meat
D. Milk

Which is the most disliked by Allah Ta’ala?

A. Murder
B. Backbiting
C. Listening songs
D. Divorce

Which prophet of Allah is called Abu Al-Bashar?

A. Hazrat Nooh (AH)
B. Hazrat Ibrahim (AH)
C. Hazrat Adam (AH)
D. Hazrat Ayub (AH)

No of kufars in Battle of Badr were _?

A. 1000
B. 1100
C. 1200

Which city is called “home of Hadith”?

A. Makkah
B. Madina
C. Baghdad
D. Basra

PAF Online Test Preparation 2022


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