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Online Prize Bond Check 750 Draw #98 2024 Hyderabad

A complete schedule of the prize bond results of latest and previous prizes is available. Results for prize bonds issued by banks and savings banks are also available. Information about Peshawar 750 prize bonds is available on

Online prize bond check 750 results for Hyderabad Draw #98 are shown on this page

750 Prize Bond List 2024 Online Check

Hydrabad will host the 98th prize bond draw of Rs 750 on 15-04-2024. According to National Savings, the #1 prize was worth Rs 1500000 PKR, the #2 prize was worth Rs 500000 PKR, and the #3rd prize was worth Rs 9300 PKR. On this page, you can check to draw 98 of the Rs 750 prize bonds.

National Savings Prize Bonds Draw 750 Today

Investing in prize bonds has long been a safe method in Pakistan. SBP’s National Savings Division manages these bonds, which are effective government-backed lotteries.

The Rs750 Prize Bond draw for 2024 won an aggregate of millions of rupees. Three categories of awards were given out to the winners:

  1. First prize winner (Rs 1,500,000)
  2. Second prize winners (Rs 500,000)
  3. Third prize winners (Rs 9,300)

Prize Bond List 750 Online Checks Last Five Years 2024

Get all new and previous Rs. 750 Prize Bond Lists here to find your lucky numbers. National Savings Prize Bonds are among the most popular and valuable prizes. This low-value denomination sells well because of its low and good prize value. You can buy 750 prize bond guess papers and take home a good prize online. 

On this page, you will be able to find the two first numbers of Rs. 750 that were drawn. Please click on the full List of Rs. 750 to see the list of prizes for the third prize. Use your prize bond number to search for one or more Rs. 750 prize bond lists. 

750 Prize Bond Online Check All Draw Result

Lucky draws for prize bonds follow a well-defined schedule. During the lucky draw, winners are announced and awarded a handsome amount. All result is the official website where you can check the Rs 200 prize bond draw #95 list. You can also check the lucky draw schedule here if you are still getting familiar. 

We are informed that a Rs 750 prize bond is awarded four times yearly. Buying the Rs 750 prize bond gives you four chances to become rich overnight. The first prize is 1,500,000, and the second is 500,000. The third prize is worth 9300, the second is worth 7000, and so on best of luck to all those who have the Rs 750 prize bond.

750 Prize Bond List 2024 PDF Download Hyderabad

We will display the most recent results of the Rs. 750 prize bond draws here. On this page, you can find details on the first and second-prize bonds for the denomination of Rs. 750. Click “Full List of Rs. 750” for each draw to access the third prize list.

With our search function, you can instantly find one or more Rs. 750 prize bond lists. Alternatively, specify a series’s first and last numbers or search multiple random prize bond numbers.

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