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How To Fill PPSC Challan Form 2022 Step-By-Step Guide | PPSC Apply Online

PPSC apply online Challan Form Filling Instructions for Any Job. PPSC Challan Form 2022 can be downloaded from the Punjab Public Service Commission’s website.

How To Fill PPSC Challan Form Complete Guide

You must complete the Form along with the supporting documentation. You will also find instructions on how to fill out the Form.

There is a deadline on the challan form, along with the other documentation that is required.

PPSC Challan Form Filling Method In Detail

The following portions are included

1Candidate’s name
2Post name to apply
3Some posts
4Rs.600/1000 is the total amount
5A challan form and three copies

PPSC Apply Online Challan Form

Incomplete or missed deadlines will have strict consequences.

PPSC Challan forms are frequently asked how to fill out and apply online. Are you having trouble filling out your Challan. There is a need for a step-by-step guide. Please select the correct page.

Federal Public Service Commission PPSC Challan Form 2022

Please find this information helpful when completing your Challan.

Follow these steps to fill out your challan form.

Step 1

The first step is to open the Punjab Public Service Commission’s website. In addition, there is a Challan form heading in this folder.

Step 2

This page has a Challan Form/To Deposit Fees download option. You can download the Form in hard copy by clicking Download.

Step 3

PPSC apply online Challan form has been downloaded. The next step is to check the PPSC job advertisements and select the right one.

An advertisement should contain two things.

  • List the jobs/posts you qualify for.
  • The post number.

Step 4

After selecting the post name and case number, you will be taken to the downloaded challan form table. The challan form looks like the one below when you open it.

According to the Challan form, you will receive three copies. In addition, the National Bank will keep two more copies.

Step 5

You’ll need to fill out one more thing after the above criteria. You’ll see Rupees then.

Please write the amount in English (600 rupees). Each copy should be repeated.

Step 6

All parties must sign the challan form. Here is just a portion of the “(in words) rupees.”

Signature” indicates this is the signature area.

PPSC Apply Online challan form is complete. Go to any National Bank of Punjab branch to submit the Challan.

Government challans can only be submitted to the National Bank of Punjab because they are government jobs.

We hope this helped you fill out your Challan.

PPSC Challan Form And Filling Procedure Step by Step

The Challan form can be viewed after downloading it.

Challan forms consist of three parts.

  • Original Copy
  • duplicate copy
  • Triplicate copy
  • A duplicate copy will be sent to PPSC Management, while a third copy will be sent to the candidate.

PPSC Apply Online Challan Form 2022 For All Jobs Download

There are PPSC candidate needs to fill out.

  • Correct spelling of the candidate’s name
  • Name of registration
  • How many records are there?
  • Bank deposit amount
  • Your official signature must be on the Form.
  • PPSC Challan Fee (BPS-09 to 16) Rs: 600/=
  • PPSC Challan Form (BPS-16 to 19) Rs: 1000/=

Note (This fee charges some time; otherwise, 600 per challan fee)

PPSC Challan Fee

BPSPPSC Challan Fee
BPS-09RS 600
BPS-16RS 600
BPS-17RS 600
BPS-19RS 1000
  • For any jobs under BPS-17, the PPSC challan fee is Rs 600

How To Fill PPSC Apply Online Challan Form

  • Filling up PPSC forms is not easy.
  • A few tips.
  • The PPSC form can be found here! We’ll begin with the guide.
  • Here are some steps you can follow to fill out a challan form.


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