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BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 February Online

Families in need of assistance have begun to register for BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 Online. Ehsaas Kafalat application can only be made by someone who has completed the Ehsaas online survey.

This initiative was launched by the PTI Government, which conducted a door-to-door campaign to identify the poorest sections of society. NSER survey analysis refers to this survey. You can now BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 online here.

Those who still need to complete their Ehsaas survey by 2024 can do so. You can now complete your survey under the government’s campaign if you still need to do so. As part of the BISP Dynamic Survey results 2023, this new survey phase will be conducted.

BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 Online

The former Prime Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said in the Sindh Assembly that he did not come to end inflation in politics when he addressed NADRA’s inauguration ceremony to introduce the dynamic database of women in need. Zardari took on the whole system despite Imran Khan’s ideology of doing the unthinkable.

As part of the announcement, Bilawal Bhutto increased the Benazir Income Support Program by 25%. As a result, every person registered in the Benazir Income Support Program will receive 25% more money by going to the Union Council.

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NSER Survey Registration Online Check

All households participating in the data collection process are registered in the NSER database, which contains socioeconomic information about each household. First-time data from 27 million households were collected in 2010 by visiting every family’s doorstep.

A decision was made in 2016 to update the registry database for BISP and other government schemes to improve their targeting efficiency. As a result, government agents carry out Ehsaas program registration at every doorstep. 

Ehsaas NSER Survey Check Online Registration

You can find Ehsaas Survey status here. NSER registration can be checked in two ways.

  • Your valid CNIC number should be sent to 8171. They will inform you of your eligibility or ineligibility for service.
  • The availability of an internet facility can also be checked BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 online. Enter your CNIC and mobile SIM number into the www ehsaas program 8171 web portal. Press the submit button after entering the given code. Applicants who have completed the NSER survey and meet the poverty line requirements will be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Program Survey 2024

NSER Program changed the way it collected household data in 2016. Data from the NSER survey was computerized in 2019-20. Data collection teams were trained in an organized manner by the government. The Collection team uses an Android tablet instead of paperwork to collect data door-to-door.

Before the Data Collection team visited, an awareness campaign was launched. The registration process was self-directed, and there was no fee. NSER survey participants are required to have a valid CNIC, mobile SIM number attached to their ID card number, and income per month or annually.

BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2024 Online Apply

This program will give seed prices to small zamindars under the Sindh government. In addition, as part of BISP’s National Socioeconomic Registry (NSER), targeted cash assistance has been provided to deserving families and households across Pakistan.

Apply Online Registration

The Ehsaas program can only be applied if your biodata exists in the Nadra database. Visit your nearest EHSAAS registration center/desk to complete your survey. In addition, you must complete a questionnaire about your income and family members. Visit the EHSAA website “” for more information about the EHSAA program.

Ehsaas 8171 check online
Rashan 8123 SMS online, ehsaas-program-25000
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