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11th Class English Pairing Scheme 2023 (1st year) All Punjab Boards

Punjab Board 11th Class English pairing scheme is the same as other boards under the Punjab Board. We have Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, D.G. Khan, Rawalpindi, and Sahiwal boards.

First Year English Paper Pairing Scheme will include information regarding subjective and objective parts. You will know how many questions were asked in MCQ and Question and Answers and how the marks are distributed.

11th class result 2023

We will also provide detailed questions on English Grammar. Therefore, the 11th Class English Paper scheme will provide information about the paper pattern. Punjab Board pairing scheme is provided. Part-I English paper scheme for intermediate 2023.

Providing every essential service to students to help them succeed in their exams is one of the functions of the Board of Education. While preparing for exams, instructors and teachers recommend students use the second-year Pairing Scheme 2023.

Table of Contents

Types of 11th Class English Pairing Scheme Question Paper

The 1st-Year English Paper has two types of question papers.

  • Objective part: contains 20 MCQs & Each question has 01 Marks (Total Marks=20)
  • The subjective part: Contains Short Questions, letters, story, Stanza, pair of words, and translation. (Total Marks=80)

A paper plot appears for each subject, and a paper plot in Computer Studies shows all the subjects that must be studied before exams. It would be much easier to concentrate on the essential bits of a specific subject to study with the Help of the second-year Paper Scheme 2021 since students have a lot of information to keep.

Punjab Board publishes pairing schemes for intermediate 1st year Board Examinations. These paper schemes can be used for final exams. As well as helping you to prepare for your final examinations, it will also give you an idea of how to divide the marks. The chapter highlights students’ focus areas, and studying paper schemes is essential for exam success.

11th Class English Pairing Scheme

The Intermediate Board requires English as a subject and teaches students Grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to English. English pairing schemes are published by the Punjab Board of Education for first-year students. Students will not only benefit from it but will also be able to figure out what portions to focus on.

1st year (11th class) English Paper scheme & paper pattern 2023

MCQs 20

BOOK I5 synonyms + 3 MCQs = 8
Book III (Plays)3 Synonyms + 2 MCQs = 5
Book III (Poems)2 Synonyms =2
Choose the Correct for of Verb5 MCQs = 5

Subjective Part

Question No.ItemDetailsMarks
Q.2Book I9 Short Questions (attempt any 6)6×2 = 12
Q.3Book III (Plays)8 short questions (Attempt any 5)5×2 = 10
Q.4Book III (Poems)6 Short Questions (Attempt any 4)4×2 = 8
Q.5Letter/ApplicationThere is a choice between letter and application10
Q.6StoryWrite a story on ANY ONE of the given two topics10
Q.7 (A)Explanation of stanzaExplain the given stanza about the context5
Q.7 (B)PunctuationPunctuate a small paragraph taken from BookI 5
Q.7 (C)Pairs of WordsUse ANY FIVE of the given seven pairs of words in your sentences5
Q.8TranslationTranslate English paragraph taken from the book I into Urdu15


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