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Ramadan Calendar 2023 Dates by Year All City of Pakistan | Sehri Iftar Timing

Ramadan sehri iftar timing 2023 and Worldwide Calendar for Ramadan. For Fajr and Maghrib timings during Ramadan Kareem, select your city and country. Ramadan calendar 2023 dates by year all city of Pakistan are available.

Updated Prayer times, Namaz times, Dua prayers for keeping Roza, and prayer to open Roza. Our Ramadan Kareem section also has audio naat and video naat sections.

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Ramadan Calendar And Schedule Of Roza 2023

Greetings to all Muslims worldwide during Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month. In Islam and the Quran, Ramadan Kareem is considered Faraz in Islam, which is why Muslims fast this month. There will be a Ramadan 2023 in the future.

Ramadan Sehri Iftar Time Calendar 2023 Detail

123 March 202304:4118:19
224 March 202304:3918:20
325 March 202304:3818:21
426 March 202304:3718:21
527 March 202304:3518:22
628 March 202304:3418:23
729 March 202304:3218:23
830 March 202304:3118:24
931 March 202304:3018:25
1001 April 202304:2818:25
1102 April 202304:2718:26
1203 April 202304:2518:27
1304 April 202304:2418:28
1405 April 202304:2218:28
1506 April 202304:2118:29
1607 April 202304:2018:30
1708 April 202304:1818:30
1809 April 202304:1718:31
1910 April 202304:1518:32
2011 April 202304:1418:32
2112 April 202304:1318:33
2213 April 202304:1118:34
2314 April 202304:1018:34
2415 April 202304:0818:35
2516 April 202304:0718:36
2617 April 202304:0618:37
2718 April 202304:0418:37
2819 April 202304:0318:38
2920 April 202304:0118:39
3021 April 202304:0018:39

Sehri iftar timing and dates by year Ramadan calendar 2023 are available for any city worldwide. You can find your city’s sehar o iftar timings in the table below. In addition to getting the best Sehri timings, you can also get the best Iftar timings from us.

Ramadan Sehri Iftar Time Table In Karachi

Islam has different sects of Muslims who worship in different ways in 2023. For example, Fiqa Hanafi Sunni and Fiqh Jafria Shia Muslims can find the right Sehr or Iftar timings based on the Roza timing in their cities. Bookmark this page to easily get the Fajr and Maghrib times according to your local time.

Sehri Dua

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Dates by year

Ramadan Calendar 2023 Check Online

In addition to Ramadan calendar 2023, you’ll find sunrise and sunset times for each city. Visit Islamic details in Urdu and English about Islam, Ramadan, and duas for Iftar and Sehri. Sehri ki niyat dua is also known as Iftari ki dua, and it can be said during either of those two times.

Dua Iftar

Ramadan Calendar Dates by year All city of Pakistan

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