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NTS Test Date 2023 Of English For International Communication (TOEIC-I)

TOEIC NTS test date 2023 is an internationally standardized test that quantifies English language proficiency among organizations’ non-natives. A person’s “etiquettes” are analyzed by their English proficiency. Right now, the world is a little fugazi.

Organizations have individuals from across the globe. Businesses are conducted in English, which is widely understood and widely known. In the 1970s, Japan developed TOEIC. Kitaoka, a Japanese man, created the great test that is still helping the world today.

TOEIC Highlights Information For English Test Date

Publish Date16-12-2022
Last Date09-01-2023
Conducted ByNTS
Score Validity2 years
Exam TestEnglish for International Communication (TOEIC)
Exam Types 3(Listening and Reading, Speaking and Writing, Bridge Test)

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NTS Test Date 2023 Post Name Of English Test

  • TOEIC OLPC (Module 3)
  • TOEIC OLPC (Module 2)
  • TOEIC OLPC (Module 1)
  • TOEIC Bridge
  • TOEIC Speaking & Writing
  • TOEIC Listening & Reading

Public Test Dates For 2023

NTS Will release public testing dates. For more information, contact the office in your country. NTS’s dates are listed here

TOEIC Listening And Reading Test

How will you assess English reading and listening abilities in the workplace? This type of TOEIC test a person’s comprehensive ability. Two sections of 100 questions each are timed on paper and pencil.

Forty-five minutes of listening time is given, 75 minutes are given for reading, and 30 minutes for answering biographical questions. Scores from 10-990 are reflected in these color patterns on certificates.

TOEIC Speaking And Writing Tests

It’s time to demonstrate your English proficiency to make effective presentations, meetings, and face-to-face communications. Workplaces also value excellent writing skills. Here are the sections’ formats.

TOEIC Bridge Test

The TOEIC Bridge Test accurately measures listening and reading proficiency from a beginner to an intermediate learner. By setting your own goals, you can monitor your progress.

Approximately 112 hours are required to complete the test, which consists of 100 MCQs in two sections. Listening takes 25 minutes, and reading takes 35 minutes. Work history and education questionnaires take about 30 minutes.

How To Register For NTS Test Date 2023

  1. TOEIC is available online or by mail
  2. is the official website
  3. In the US or Canada, you can apply online
  4. Your scanned photograph, academic details, etc
  5. Use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB to pay (US$ 85)
  6. You can download forms
  7. For information on availability, contact your local NTS Preferred Network Office
  8. You can find the registration form here
  9. Addresses of NTS offices in your country

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