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NBP Student Loan Scheme 2021-[year] Apply Online [Registration Now]

NBP has a student loan program. The state-owned bank of Pakistan offers loans for understudy to students who cannot afford the costs of their tuition fees. The purpose of providing NBP student loan scheme is making the process easier for understudies. They are not able to do so but don’t have the resources to receive instruction.

Director of the Student Loan Scheme [year] for the National Bank of Pakistan. Will be able to perform every one of the functions like reviewing and processing advances.  As well as payment of credits, and recovering them.

Student Loan Scheme [year] Of National Bank Of Pakistan 

  • Application Form
  • Download
  • Mentioned Subjects for NBP Student Loan
  • Engineering Electronics
  • Oil Gas & Petro-Chemical Technology Agriculture
  • Chemistry Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics
  • Medicine Physics
  • Mathematics Other Natural Sciences
  • DAWA and Islamic Jurisprudence (LL.B/LL.M Sharia) Computer Science/Information System and Technology including hardware.
  • Economics, Statistics, and Econometrics Business Management Sciences
  • Commerce

Student Loan Scheme On

Based on the statement that was made in the statement of the Federal Minister for Finance during his 2001-2002-spending speech. Through the Government of Pakistan, a Student Loan Scheme (SLS) was announced to help students. 

As part of a collaboration with major business banks from Pakistan, NBP, HBL, UBL, MCB, and ABl. Students who qualify for the scheme will receive interest-free loans. With financial limitations conducting their studies in Scientific Technical, Technical and Professional schooling in Pakistan.

NBP Student Loan Scheme 2021-[year]

Upon satisfying each point, you will get an advancement. You can access the complete information here. Please read on as you will get everything you desire from this page. Public bank of Pakistan understudy loan plot [year].

درخواست جمع کروانے کی آخری تاریخ 29 جولائی 2022 ہے

The Student Loan Scheme aims to provide financial aid to deserving students with limited means. After completion of the studies or a half year after completing the first work.

Eligibility Requirements For NBP Student Loans

Eligibility Criteria according to the scheme:

  1. Obtain admission through proper channels to selected universities and colleges in the public sector.
  2. Education determines a candidate’s age. Graduate or Postgraduate, not exceeding 21 years Ph.D., not exceeding 36 years.
  3. A minimum of 70% must be achieved in the public examination.
  4. Students study in selected subjects in accordance with the official website.
  5. Financial difficulties prevent candidates from admitted to their desired college/university.

Student Loan Scheme Application Form [year] for NBP

The maximum duration that the NBP understudy loan will be 10 years. Understudies must reimburse the primary regular payment of the credit within one-half year after obtaining their first job. One year following the end of their studies, whichever occurs prior. If you satisfied with this post, you able to make an application to NBP Loan [year].

How To Apply For The Student Loan Scheme [year]

You need to follow the steps given below:

  • Follow the link below.
  • Go to the form for application.
  • The application forms can be downloaded.
  • Complete your application on the form.
  • The application deadline is 29 July, 2022


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