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MTH202 Past Papers Final Term By Moaaz 2022 | VU Solved MCQs

Are you looking for MTH202 Past Papers final term? This is the right website for you. Here you can find all the MTH202 past papers for Final Term Solved Past Papers. The past papers for MTH202 final term can be downloaded from this website.

You can find past papers for all subjects of VU’s final term at At the end of this post are the past papers for MTH202 for the final term of the university.

MTH202 Past Papers Final Term Solved

The MTH202 past papers were prepared by experienced and hardworking students from the Virtual University of Pakistan. If you want to prepare for the Final term exams quickly, you can consult MTH202 past papers.

MTH202 Past Papers Solved MCQs By VU

This will help students gain a better understanding of the exam, such as what kind of MCQs and subjective questions will be on the exams.

If you are trying to get high grades in MTH202 VU Final term exams, past papers can be a useful resource. Furthermore, students must use VU handouts, PPT slides, and video lectures to guide them.

MTH202 Past Papers Final Term Solved Objective Part 1

1.An arrangement of objects without the consideration of order is called

► Combination
► Selection
► None of these
► Permutation

2.The list of the degrees of the vertices of graph in non increasing order is called

► Isomorphic Invariant
► Degree Sequence
► Order of Graph

3.A vertex of degree greater than 1 in a tree is called a

► Branch vertex
► Terminal vertex
► Ancestor

4.The sum of two irrational number must be an irrational number

► True
► False

5.An integer n is prime if, and only if, n > 1 and for all positive integers r and s, if
n = r·s, then

► r = 1 or s = 1
► r = 1 or s = 0.
► r = 2 or s = 3.
► None of these

6.For any two sets A and B, A – (A – B) =

► A Ç B
► A È B
► A – B

7.Associative law of union for three sets is

► A È (B È C) = (A È B) È C
► A Ç (B Ç C) = (A Ç B) Ç C
► A È (B Ç C) = (A È B) Ç (A È B)
► None of these

8.If p and q are statement variables, the biconditional of p and q is
denoted by

► p « q
► ~q ®~p
► ~p ®~q
► None of these

9.When 5k is even, then 5k+5k+5k is odd.
► True
► False

10.An integer n is even if, and only if, n = 2k for some integer k.
► True
► False
► Depends on the value of k

11.In a directed graph of a Irreflexive relation, there should be
►Loop on a one point
►No loop at any point (Page 89)
►No point connected

12.How many functions are there from a set with three elements to a set with two elements?
► 6
► 8
► 12

13.If a set contains exactly m distinct elements where m denotes some non negative integer then the set is.
► Finite (Page 40)
► Infinite
► None of these

14.Suppose that a connected planar simple graph has 30 edges. If a plane drawing of this graph has 20 faces, how many vertices does the graph have?
►12 (Page 318)

15.Among 200 people, 150 either swim or jog or both. If 85 swim and 60 swim and jog, how many jog?
► 125 (Page 241)
► 225
► 85
► 25

16.If a graph is a tree then
► it has 2 spanning trees
► it has only 1 spanning tree (Page 329)

► it has 4 spanning trees
► it has 5 spanning trees

17.The part of definition which can be expressed in terms of smaller versions of itself is called
► Base
► Restriction
► Recursion (page 159)
► Conclusion

18.A rule that assigns a numerical value to each outcome in a sample space is called
► One to one function
► Conditional probability
► Random variable (Page 274)

19.In how many ways can a set of five letters be selected from the English Alphabets?
► C(26,5)…..
► C(5,26)
► C(12,3)
► None of these

20.An integer n is prime if and only if n > 1 and for all positive integers r and s, if
n = r·s, then

► r = 1 or s = 2.
► r = 1 or s = 0.
► r = 2 or s = 3.
► None of these (Page 187)

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