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MTH202 Final Term Past Papers Solved 2022 | VU Subjective Part

Do you need MTH202 Final Term Past Papers? You’ve come to the right place. Past papers for MTH202 Final Term Solved Past Papers can be found here.

This website contains past papers for the final term of MTH202 that can be downloaded.

VU MTH202 Final Term Past Papers Solved – Subjective Part

There are past papers available at for all subjects that are present in VU’s final academic term. For the last term of the Virtual university, you can find the MTH202 Final Term Past Papers in this post.

All Solved MTH202 Past Exam Papers For Final Term Download

The past papers for MTH202 were prepared by experienced and hardworking students from the Virtual University of Pakistan who were committed to their studies. In order to prepare for the Final term exams quickly, you may wish to consult past papers.

VU Subjective MTH202 Past Papers Solved Questions

The students will gain a better understanding of the exam, such as the type of MCQs and subjective questions.

Past papers can be an excellent resource for students attempting MTH202 VU exams. Furthermore, students must use VU handouts, PPT slides, and video lectures to guide them.

MTH202 Final Term Past Papers 2022 Subjective Part 2 of

Q 1: Find the greatest common division for the following pair of integer: 30,10.

Q2: What is the difference between? {a,b} and {{a,b}}?

Q3: How many 3-digits can be formed by using each one of the digits 2,3,5,7,9 only once?

Q4: what is the smallest integer N such that [N/9] =6?

Q5: Let A and B be the events. Rewrite the following event using set notation
“A or not B occurs”

Q6: The members of a club are 12 boys and 8 girls. In how many ways can a committee of 3 boys and 2 girls be formed?

Q7: Is it possible to have a simple graph with four vertices of degree 1, 1, 3, and 3.If no then give reason?(Justify your answer).

Q8: How many ordered selections of two elements can be made from the set {0,1,2,3}?

Q9: Draw a binary tree with height 3 and having seven terminal vertices.

Q10: Find the degree sequence of the following graph.

Q11: Find the greatest common divisor of the following pair of integer:

Q12: Find all non isomorphic simple connected graphs with three vertices.

Q13: A box contains 15 items,4 of which are defective and 11 are good. Two items are selected. What is probability that the first is good and the second defective?

Q14: Suppose that a connected planar simple graph has 15 edges. If a plane drawing of this graph has 7 faces, how many vertices does this graph have?

Q15: Five people are to be seated around a circular table. Two seating plans are considered as same if one is the rotation of other. How many different seating plans are possible?

MTH202 Past Papers solved 2022 download now
VU exams (MTH202 Final Term Past Papers)


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