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MGT211 Past Papers Final Term 2022 | VU Virtual University of Pakistan

Hey Everyone, Would you like to access MGT211 past papers final term? Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find all past papers for Final Term MGT211. provides past papers for all subjects for the VU final term. You can find the for MGT211Past Papers Final Term here in this post. Our senior students at Virtual University of Pakistan worked hard and put their hearts into producing these past papers. For quick preparation for the final exam, past papers are a very helpful tool that can help you.

VU MGT211 Past Papers Final Term 2022

It will be helpful for students to get a feel for what sort of MCQs and Subjective questions will appear in the Final Term Exams by getting past papers. It is possible to achieve good grades in your exams if you study MGT211 Past Papers Final term. Additionally, students must guide themselves by using VU handouts, PPT slides, and videos.

MGT211 Past Papers Final Term: MCQs Part 1

Q1: Communicating information between sellers and potential buyers or others in the channel to influence attitudes and behavior is called _____.

► Advertising
► Promotion
► Publicity
► Marketing

Q2: Consumer goods are classified as convenience, shopping, and:

► Durable
► Nondurable
► Consumer
► Specialty

Q3: The stage of the Product life cycle where competitors appear is:

► Introduction
► Decline
► Maturity
► rowth

Q4: Setting the highest initial price is called price:

► Penetration
► ouging
► Parity
► Skimming

Q5: The situation when a country imports more than its exports is:

► A trade surplus
► A recession
► A trade deficit
► An expansion

Q6: Which one of the following statements by a company chairman best reflects the
marketing concept?

► We believe that the marketing department must organize to sell what we
► We try to produce only high quality, technically efficient products.
► We try to encourage company growth.
► We have organized our business to make certain that we satisfy customer

Q7: Physical distribution functions influence

► primarily pricing and product decisions.
► primarily promotion and pricing decisions.
► all elements of the marketing mix.
► primarily pricing decisions.

Q8: Profit and loss account is also termed as _______.

► Income statement
► Balance sheet
► Trial Balance
► None of the given options

Q9: The difference between a country’s merchandise exports and its merchandise
imports is the:

►Current account
►Capital account
►Balance of trade
►Balance of payments

Q10: Nestle yoghurt represents which type of product for most consumers?

► Convenience
► Shopping
► Speciality
► Unsought

MGT211 Past Papers Final Term: Solved Subjective Part 2

Q1: Explain the nature and general purpose of financial statements.

Q2: What do you mean by the term “utility”? What are the different forms of


Q3: Describe the steps involved in designing an advertising campaign.

Q4: Quality costs are the costs associated with preventing, finding and

correcting defective work. Describe the various types of quality costs in


Q5: Explain how companies find and develop new-product ideas?

Q6: Define channel of communication, discuss different types of channels of

business communication.

Q7: Differentiate between push and pull strategies for promotion.

Q8: Marketers operate in an increasingly connected world and environment
continues to change at a rapid pace. Identify the major trends in the
firm’s natural and technological environments.

Q9: Explain the terms “Brand Equity” and “Brand Awareness”.

Q10: What is meant by the term ‘Just-in-Time’ Inventory system?

MGT211 Past Papers Final Term



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