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Kuwait Scholarships [year] For Pakistani Students Without IELTS

Kuwait is the only sovereign state in the Middle East. Kuwait offers free scholarships without IELTS. A Gulf state, Kuwait offers free scholarships without IELTS. His Majesty is the Emir. It is a country in Western Asia. Undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs at Kuwaiti universities are eligible for Fully Funded Kuwait Scholarships [year]-23.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers the scholarship program. Kuwaiti dinars are believed to be the most robust currency in the world. Kuwait Universities offer all academic fields in Kuwait.

Other than Kuwait, numerous Arab nations are offering a large variety of Fully Funded Scholarships listed below. You can learn in one of Kuwait’s best schools in Kuwait. Students can avail these scholarships by way of Exclusive Programmes for Scholarships. 

Scholarship TypeFully Funded
Degree OfferedBs, Ms & PhD

Kuwait University Scholarship List [year]

These are seats for academics that are offered by the sister and friendly nations to Kuwaiti students with a diploma of graduation from high school or the equivalent. Seats offered by the State of Kuwait for non-Kuwaiti students in order to implement the cultural agreement with Kuwait through assistance programs. Furthermore, international relations for the purpose of earning the degrees in science.

Kuwait Government Scholarships [year] Objectives

  • Intensifying cooperation and strengthening ties between friendly and brotherly nations
  • So, it Offering a variety of fields of study overseas for Kuwaiti students with specializations required by Kuwaiti State.
  • Exchanging of cultures and experiences between different countries

Required Documents Of Kuwait University Scholarships For Study In Arabic Language

  • A genuine duplicate from the standard secondary certification, or the course that the relevant authorities have approved, and a copy of it
  • A copy of birth certificates in two copies
  • Numéro (10) personal photographs
  • Two (2) passport photos
  • Medical exam form Original and a copy
  • Also, two (2) copies of the ID card issued by the civil authorities of the guardian and the student
  • The death certificate for the guardian’s copy in the case of death.
  • To Whomever It May Be, Social Security states that the student is not employed.

List of Kuwait Government Scholarship

International students of all ages (Kuwaiti Non-Kuwaiti and Diploma) are eligible to apply to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Private Education Scholarships. Furthermore, they are government-funded benefits.

  • Degree level:
    • Bachelor
    • Masters
    • Ph.D.
  • Financial coverage
  • Stationery
  • Tuition and fees
  • Monthly stipend
  • Airfare
  • Books
  • Other related expenses.

Browse International Fully Funded Scholarship Program In Kuwait

The Burrows International Scholarship Program helps students with financial difficulties pursue education regardless of their level by providing financial aid to students taking tests.

Degree level:

  1. High school
  2. Bachelor
  3. Masters
  4. Ph.D.

WMI Scholarships (Wales Mountain Initiative)

The Wales Mountain Initiative Scholarship Program (WMI) is an award-winning program that offers the opportunity to provide financial aid to brilliant minds from nations in the developing world.

Degree level:

  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Ph.D.

Financial Coverage Kuwait Scholarship For Pakistani Students 2022

The program offers up to 3,000 scholarships annually to scholarship winners. This amount covers the following expenses:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books
  • Monthly stipend
  • Stationery
  • Other related expenses.


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