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Introducing Zong 4G YouTube Shorts Challenge starring Hasan Raheem | Join Challenge Now

Zong 4G Introduces YouTube Shorts Challenge has Hasan Raheem as the star. With YouTube’s unique format for short videos, Zong invites everyone to showcase their dancing talents.

Zong 4G Introduces YouTube Shorts Challenge Featuring Hasan Raheem

Among the people dancing to Zong’s “Let’s Get Digital” anthems are Waliya Najib and Faizan Sameer, Rahim Pardesi, Romaisa Khan, Areeqa Haq, Dablew Tee, Dananeer, Laiba Khuram, Sid Mr. Rapper and Jannat Mirza.

There are a lot of high-energy dance moves in the video, so young Pakistanis should try them out. For more information, contact and participate.

Zong 4G Introduces YouTube Shorts Challenge Detail Information

AddressCMPak Complex, Plot# 47, Kuri Road,
National Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, Pakistan
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Dance Challenge With Hasan Raheem On YouTube Shorts

Thanks to Hasan Raheem’s unconventional partnership, Zong 4G went viral immediately. Hasan Raheem might shout out his favorite dance challenge interpretations since he’s keeping an eye out.

As part of the new partnership between Zong 4G and YouTube, the company is offering customers a complimentary hour of YouTube streaming as part of the Zong 4G Dance Challenge.

You can take part in the dance challenge anywhere in the country. Challengers need only upload a video of themselves dancing along with the following hashtags: #Hasan Song Challenge, #Digital Ho Jao, #LetsGetDigital, and #Zong 4G.

Shorts Challenge on YouTube Featuring:

  • The young superstar will provide them with an opportunity once in a lifetime to interact with them.
  • On YouTube, select the sound
  • Make a vertical video of you dancing to the music. In the caption, make sure you use the hashtags #ZongShorts, #Hasan Song Challenge, #Digital Ho Jao

Video Challenges for Zong 4G

  • Create a YouTube short with the video.
  • Don’t let the video go over 60 seconds.
  • You won’t qualify.

How To Make Videos Zong 4G launches YouTube Shorts Challenge?

  • Make the video as fun and creative as you can with your friends.
  • The background music from a movie clip will not qualify as a submission. Real-life footage must be included in the video.
  • It is mandatory to use hashtags.
  • The video should be vertical in orientation.
  • Now let’s get started.
  • This short contains a video that has been copied.
  • Memes are popular.
  • YouTuber’s Community Guidelines prohibit the posting of this video.
Zong 4G Introduces YouTube Shorts Challenge


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