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Google Announced 44500 Latest Scholarship For Pakistani Students 2023

A program called Google Career Certificates (GCC) aims to improve the skills of Pakistanis in digital technologies. The GCC scholarship program will provide Google 44500 Scholarship to Pakistan by the end of 2023 as part of Google’s commitment to Future Forward Pakistan.

This program assists individuals in achieving their career goals, especially women and young graduates. According to a new report commissioned by the Economist, Pakistan’s competitiveness in global markets depends heavily on digital skills.

Google 44500 Scholarship For Pakistan Students

Scholarships And New Courses

  1. Business Intelligence, Advanced Data Analytics, and Cybersecurity: These three courses are included in Google’s GCC program, developed with IRM and TechValley. Certificates in high-demand fields will be awarded to learners who complete these courses.
  2. Scholarships: Increasing the number of scholarships provides more opportunities to train digital skills for people from various backgrounds. In order to bridge the digital skills gap and create equal opportunity, Google plans to distribute 45,500 Google Career Certificates by 2023.

Findings Of The Study

  1. Digital Skills are Increasingly Important: The study indicates that 57.3% of employees view digital skills as essential to their careers. It improves communication, analysis, critical thinking skills, and job prospects.
  2. Soft Skills Relevance And Importance: Various industries and job roles require soft skills, such as communication and adaptability. Soft skills are chosen as the most important upskilling skills by 47% of employees, ranked in importance by adaptability, flexibility, and communication.
  3. Role Of Government: According to the study, a conducive ecosystem can be fostered by the government to develop digital skills. Providing incentives and supportive policies to ensure equal access can ensure that upskilling is accessible to all companies, organizations, and communities.

Experiences and Testimonials

  1. Freelancer Empowerment: The Graduate Certificate in Computing Program has transformed the life of a GCC graduate, a Data Analyst Freelancer, and enabled her to take on diverse projects while supporting her family financially.
  2. Progression In Your Career: GCC graduate Saif Ullah shares how the program has impacted his professional and personal life. With his certification, he gained employment as a performance marketer, explored freelancing opportunities, and planned his career.

Google 44500 Scholarship For Skills Development

IRM and TechValley, Google’s partners, will provide graduates with soft skill training. Students will learn about topics such as Communication Skills, Personal Branding, Time Management, Critical Thinking, and Time Management during the course of the program.

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