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FPSC Past Papers MCQs Test Phase-3/2022 – FPSC Screening MCQ Tests

FPSC Past Papers Federal Public Service Commission to conduct GR Phase-III/2022 Screening Tests. Candidates for the following ten positions are invited to participate in a screening (MCQ) test.

The candidates are advised to visit the FPSC’s website to print out their respective acceptance letters. Additionally, they appear at the designated centers according to their scheduled time and date.

FPSC Past Papers CSS Screening Test Schedule

FPSC Islamabad has announced screening tests (MCQs). The CSS screening test for FPSC 2022 is on 24-07-2022. The tests will be held under the following schedule. The general recruitment (MCQ) test will be conducted from 24-07 2022 to 29-07-2022.

Students are also required to bring their admission certificates and timetables, which can be found on FPSC’s official website. Applicants must arrive at their respective centers to qualify for the examination.

F.4-75/2022-RF.4-149/2022-R F.4-39/2022-R 
F.4-25/2022-R F.4-12/2022-RF.4-140/2022-R 
F.4-27/2022-R F.4-33/2022-RF.4-148/2022-R

Check Online Admission Certificates for GR Test Phase 2/2022

FPSC Public Notice for Section 2/2022 of the normal recruitment check. A screening (MCQ) / written (descriptive) exam (Section-2/2022) has been scheduled for 24 July 2022.

Certificates display the middle of the examination on FPSC’s website by the first week of July 2022. All candidates are therefore advised to maintain their status as a result of this. 

At the company, all the necessary information was made available to the candidates. The MCQ-based Test has 200 questions.

An MCQ-based Preliminary Test Answer Key (MPT) in CSS 2022 is what you will need after the exam. MPT 2022 should meet all of their expectations.

How to Get FPSC Answer Key for MCQ-Based Exam Test 2022?

  1. You can check the MCQ-based Preliminary Test (MPT) 2022 Answer key by scrolling down and reading the correct choices
  2. Image showing A, B, C, and D options
  3. The MCQ-based Preliminary Test 2022 will give you an idea of your score


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