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CS201 Short Notes for Midterm Preparation | |Virtual University of Pakistan

Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you are all well. Today I will discuss CS201 Short Notes from some lectures. I will tell you how you can do good preparation for CS201 Midterm papers. I have a Short Notes for CS201.

It is required that you are enrolled in the CS201 Introduction to Programming course in Virtual University in any degree program you are enrolled in, such as BSCS, BSIT, BSSE, MCS, MIT, BS Statistics, BS Match, MSc Math, MSc Statistics.

You have landed on the right place where you can find all the CS201 Short Lectures, Notes, Past papers, MCQs with Answers CS201 Short Notes and Final Exam prep. CS201 Past Papers will be provided to you as well to make sure you get high marks in CS201 Introduction to Programming.

CS201 Short Notes for Midterm Preparation

VU CS201 Short Lectures 1

  • What is programming?
  • Why Programming is important?
  • What is program design recipe?

VU CS201 Short Lectures 2

  • How many types of system software?
  • What is system software?
  • Define Operating system?
  • What is History of C language?
  • Difference b/w Compiler and Interpreter?
  • What is Debugger?

VU CS201 Short Lectures 3

  • Define Variables?
  • What short data types?
  • What are Arithmetic operators?

VU CS201 Short Lectures 4

  • Use of operators
  • Problem Statement

VU CS201 Short Lectures 5

  • Conditional statement (Decision Making)
  • Logical Operators
  • if/else structure

VU CS201 Short Lectures 6

  • Repetition Struct
  • Infinite Loop
  • Properties of While loop
  • Flow Chart

VU CS201 Short Lectures 7

  • Do-While Statement 
  • for Statement
  • Increment/decrement Operators

VU CS201 Short Lectures 8

  • Switch Statement
  • Break Statement
  • Continue Statement
  • Guide Lines
  • Rules for structured Programming/Flow Charting

VU CS201 Short Lectures 9

  • Functions
  • Structure of a Function
  • Declaration and Definition of a Function

VU CS201 Short Lectures 10

  • Header Files
  • Scope of Identifiers
  • Functions

VU CS201 Short Lectures 11

  • Arrays 
  • Initialization of Array
  • Copying Arrays
  • Linear Search
  • The Keyword ‘const’

VU CS201 Short Lectures 12

  • Character Arrays
  • Initialization of Character Arrays
  • Arrays Comparison

VU CS201 Short Lectures 13

  • Array Manipulation
  • Real World Problem and Design Recipe

VU CS201 Short Lectures 14

  • Pointers
  • Declaration of Pointers
  •  Pointers and Call by Reference

VU CS201 Short Lectures 15

  • Relationship between Pointers and Arrays
  • Pointer Expressions and Arithmetic
  • Pointers Comparison 
  • Pointer, String and Arrays

VU CS201 Short Lectures 16

  • Pointers (continued)
  • Multi-dimensional Arrays
  • Pointers to Pointers
  • Command-line Arguments
  • String Handling
  • String Manipulation Functions

Okay, I have told you 1 to 16 lectures from my point of view, these lectures and topics are very important for the CS201 Short Notes of midterm. In the next five lectures, all your previous points are repeated. I hope this post is very helpful for your midterm preparation.

CS201 Short Notes


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