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9th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023 for All Punjab Pakistan Boards

Students are also provided with complete details in the essay plan. Furthermore, 9th grade Islamiat pairings in Punjab for 2023. They are preparing for 9th-grade exams. So, exam preparation is a significant concern for ninth-graders. They told us nothing to worry about. The board of directors issued essay proposals based on Islamic subjects.

Students can access matching schemes for their convenience. The aim is to help understand the major concepts. The 9th type of Islamic essay plan for 2023 includes all topics you will examine. Moreover, all Punjab Boards Islamiat Pairing Scheme for 9th class in 2023.

9th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme for 2023

Students must follow these instructions in the ninth-grade exam. Preparation should pay particular attention to the syllabus content. Also, students should prepare the syllabus content by considering objective and subjective perspectives. Questions on the examination paper are primarily objective and subjective.

This ninth outline includes information candidates can refer to. Students can focus on the main areas by using the designated topics.Additionally, candidates should prepare by considering the 2023 Islamic Matching Plan. A new paper is organized every year, and these schedules are for 2023 only. And I will update it in 2023.

Islamic Studies Pattern for 9Th Class 2023

In 2022, Punjab will conduct the following board examinations:

Objective TypeSubjective Type
Time Allowed 15 minutesAllowed 1:45 hrs
Number of MCQs 10Number of Questions 5
Total 10 MCQs Attempt 6 questionsTranslate and explanation of Hadith having 3 marks out of 9 having 12 marks
Translate 2 Quranic verses out of 3 having 8 marks
Attempt 1 long question out of 2 having 5 marks
Total 40 marks
Islamiat Pairing Scheme 9th class

Pairing Scheme for Islamiat 9th Class

Tenth-grade paper pairing scheme for Punjab board in 2023. SSC science and art groups match here.

Scheme Of 9th Class 2021 Islamiat Elective

All subject assessments are required for students enrolled in this exam. Stay up-to-date with this page to learn how to improve your annual matric exam score. Every class has a matching/thesis plan and matching scheme for the 10th grade. You can download subjects easily online.

Pairing Scheme Of 9th Class 2023

MCQs = 10 marks

  1. MCQs from Mozu Aati mutaliah
  2. MCQs from Hadith (1-10)
  3. MCQs from Surah Anfal

Short questions from Surah Anfal = 12 marks

  • There will be 9 short questions, and students have to answer ANY SIX questions.
    Short questions from Ahadees and Mozuati Mutaliah = 12 marks
  • Total 9 short questions are given, and the students have to answer any 6 short questions
    5 Short questions from Mozuati Mutaliah
    4 short questions from Ahadees
    In this question, THREE Ayaat from Surah Anfal are given, and the students have to translate.
  • ANY TWO Ayaat into Urdu. Each translation has 4 marks, marking a total of 8 marks for this question.

Translation and Explanation of a Hadeeth = 3 marks

In this question, there is no choice. Translate and explain one of the Hadiths given.

  1. Explanation 2 marks
  2. Translation 1 marks
  3. The Explanation should be half-page

Long Question from Mozuati Mutaliah = 5 marks

Here are two long questions from the syllabus, chapter 1-4 for Mozoati mutaliah (9th grade).

  • The length of the answer must be between 1-2 pages
  • Students have to answer any one of the given two questions


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